Genius Taster v.2

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Customs Clearance Insurance

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If your order does not clear customs (seized, lost or returned), POCKETOVENS.COM will do one of the following:

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Failure to pay customs duties or import taxes imposed will not activate this insurance.

The Genius Taster is your key to enjoying concentrates on your Genius Pipe. That's right, the Genius is now concentrate friendly. The new Version 2 design features heatsink ridges that help disperse heat and provide a flow of smooth burning.

The Taster v2 for Genius Pipes does not need any water like conventional oil rigs. The best part, it fits in your pocket! Although you might want to wait for it to cool down first. Genius Tasters are to be used in combination with the Evolution slider. The Taster fits down into the Genius bowl and features a groove underneath that functions as a lock when the slider is slid into place. This ensures a secure connection with the Genius Pipe.

Genius Tasters are fabricated from a solid piece of Titanium II material which is neutral to taste and smell. The attachment is manually polished to gain a radiant shine, and then sterilized with medical-grade ultrasound equipment. Easy to clean with some Marijoinlah Swish!

Key features:

  • Turns your Genius Pipe into a waterless oil rig for concentrates
  • Made from Titanium
  • V2 Design featuring heatsink ridges
  • Securely fastens to the slider and bowl

*Patent pending. Made in USA.
** Pipe is not included

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