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Mighty+ Release | Rumors, Speculation & Facts

Mighty+ Release | Rumors, Speculation & Facts

Mighty Vaporizer Crafty Vaporizer Review

You’ve probably heard the rumors that have been flooding the internet (seriously, if you haven’t, where have you been?): we’re expecting a Mighty+ drop and enthusiasm is growing by the day.

Since the release of the Crafty+ vaporizer in late 2019, forums have been building up more and more momentum with the idea of a Mighty+ vaporizer. Users were pleasantly surprised with the updates brought by this new version, and curiosity quickly turned into eagerness that keeps on building up.

We’re here to say it’s official-and here’s how we know it.

Storz & Bickel’s Own Words

In November of 2020 Storz & Bickel released a YouTube film called “20 Year Volcano Documentary”, where they explore several aspects of the brand and their products. While being interviewed, none other than Jürgen Bickel let it slide that a Mighty+ is currently in the making. He mentions it at around the 33 min mark;

After years of speculation, it seems like the Mighty+ might finally be just around the corner!

As their documentary shows, Storz & Bickel have nothing but proved how solid their brand is. With multiple awards and over twenty years of experience under their belts, they still succeed at being regarded as #1 in the world of vaping.

Storz & Bickel have absolutely mastered vaporizer technology and are renowned by the quality of the vapor that their devices like the Volcano Hybrid and Plenty vaporizers all achieve. Because they focus so much on quality and durability, they even make a point to ensure their devices do not have a replaceable battery so users can’t make the mistakes they’re avoiding.


All Hail… the Mighty

Mighty+ Vaporizer SpeculationMighty Vaporizer

The Mighty has been their top-rated portable vaporizer of all time. Users tend to prefer some of its features over its brothers Crafty and Crafty+, such as a more durable battery and the possibility to have full control within the device.

What probably made the Mighty gain all its raving reviews-since its first release in 2014-comes down to the quality of vapor. S&B managed to raise the bar in terms of taste, smell, and smoothness. After all, these people created the Volcano vaporizer, the almost indisputably best vaporizer of all time. Yes, it does come with a cost but think of it as an investment!

Instead of keeping to desktop vapes, Storz & Bickel took a dive into portable format and brought us our beloved Mighty. This cool device features:

  • A pretty intuitive LCD display
  • A set of clearly labelled buttons that give you easy, full control.
  • Incredible battery life with its 2 lithium ion batteries (easily eight to ten sessions out of a single charge)

This last one isn’t standard in portable devices, so the comfort of a durable battery is highly appealing to frequent users.

Storz & Bickel Vaporizer Web Application

Storz & Bickel Web App

Although, Apple’s AppStore ban on vaping related apps sucks, Storz & Bickel created a web app that can be controlled through your browser. The Mighty vaporizer can’t be controlled through the app yet but we’re sure the Mighty+ will feature this!

After six years in the market, this vape still ranks first or high in most top 10 portable devices lists. This could’ve been easy back in 2014 when the game was pretty narrow, but in 2021 there are literally hundreds of options to choose from, which makes it quite remarkable and speaks for itself.

Mighty+ Speculation

We’re expecting this device to easily climb the ladder to best vaporizer in 2021!

Following the manufacturer’s history in terms of design and reinvention, we’re sure it’s safe to say that this won’t be the key change in the Mighty+ release. Instead, we’re betting on functional qualities being added or improved-much to their style of focusing on technical excellence. We’re pretty certain that the Mighty+ vaporizer will be controlled by the existing Storz & Bickel web and Android app.

Some online articles and forums are anticipating an OLED display to replace the LED screen, matching current technologies to give us better visuals. Another awaited feature seems to be a self-standing bottom to place the device during sessions. There were some letdowns in the Crafty+ like the micro-USB port and fewer accessories so we’re really hoping they bounce back and max out on the Mighty+.

Will Mighty Follow its Brother Crafty?

If we’ve learned one thing about Storz & Bickel in recent years, it’s that they have the ability to keep surprising even their more seasoned customers.

With the release of Crafty+, we can see how they focused on technical strength and start to predict what they might be bringing to the table this time around.

 Crafty Crafty+ Vaporizer Storz Bickel 2021 Release

Crafty & Crafty+ Vaporizers

One of the major steps forward was vapor quality: even though Crafty was already excellent, both taste and smoothness have improved according to online user forums and review sites.

Another one that would be expected is a longer battery life. The jump from Crafty to Crafty+ included an upgrade of the battery to have longer sessions. We can expect the same for a Mighty+ release, and we hope it'll be the top of the line here.

Mighty Vaporizer Battery Heating

Now, there’s one thing we already know for sure: heating up time is getting shorter, and this came straight from Bickel’s mouth! If you watch their documentary, he mentions around the end that they’re working to provide “improved heat up times and other advantages that should cater to most of everyone’s needs”. Exciting, huh?

The current 60 to 90 seconds don’t seem to cut it anymore, so it appears like the Mighty+ might turn out to be some kind of super-vape. Another key design element to look for would be the charging port. We really hope it coms with the USB-C which could also mean Fast Charging. Wild idea: Would you like to see the Mighty+ vaporizer incorporate wireless charging?

S&B going S&B+

You know what they say: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Storz and Bickel live by that rule, and it has helped them remain industry leaders with every new development. Their new steps always build on solid ground, and this time they’ve introduced the new line of “+”s very subtly. In their own branding developments, the Mighty makers (pun intended) have created a little word play and are now S&B+.

The new Crafty+ is packaged with an orange S&B+ card that contains a code for you to scan with your phone and get an extra year of warranty on their products upon registration. That’s a 3 year warranty covered! You can also access the Device Registration page here.

 S&B+ Warranty Card

S&B+ Warranty Card

Although the company holds a reputation for the resistance of their devices, it’s always good to know you have three years to get an answer should anything go sideways. The Storz & Bickel warranty process is well managed and their customer service is always responsive. It also speaks for the level of trust they have in their devices. 

Leave it to Storz & Bickel to deliver yet another incredible vaporizer this year. The internet crowd is certainly expecting a Mighty+ drop, and there’s no doubt that these guys will impress us once again.

They have upped their game with each new product they brought to the market, so the only remaining question is… how?


Tips & Tricks for all of you Mighty owners

As you probably already know from experience, this is a reliable device when you need a good vaping session. No matter whether you’ve packed the chamber too tight or too loose, whether you’re using too little or too much material, or if you even forgot to clean it for a few weeks, it will deliver high quality vapor always. Please don’t take this the wrong way, you should always keep your device clean!

So, what are our tips for a seasoned user?

Mighty Vaporizer Oven

Maintenance tip! Make sure to open the top after vaping and wipe off any oil from the screen of the cooling unit. Do this while it’s still hot and your vape will stay in good shape longer before it needs another deep clean. Use the Cleaning Brush to clean up after every session before storing your vape away. Do this religiously and you’ll have a kickass vape working great all the time!

Another great tip is to wait five to eight seconds once you get to your preferred temperature, and then start drawing. This, as you already know, means you’re probably not hitting high temperatures. In fact, the best results are often achieved at about 190°C, so keeping it there for a few extra seconds can give you a nicer cloud.

Mighty Crafty Dosing Capsules

Last but not least: Get dosing capsules. Seriously, if you haven’t, you’ll thank us later. You’ll get to enjoy smaller doses, and you can even keep your material stored in them, pre-ground to save time for a future session. Even if you prefer to smoke a full chamber, using capsules will help you maintain your device cleaner and neater. 

The only thing to keep in mind with capsules is that if you overpack them, it will reduce the output-so remember that!


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