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Before placing an order through our store, we recommend carefully researching the product you intend on purchasing. Any return/exchange must be unused, unopened, in brand new condition and with all original packaging. If you are unsure about specific features, voltages or have concerns about a product that you would like to purchase, please contact us and we would be more than happy to help you out.

Our return policy is listed below; please read thoroughly, and contact us if you have any questions.

7 Day Return Policy

Any/all items purchased from must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a refund or exchange:

  • Item(s) must be in original, brand new, unopened, unused condition.
  • Item(s) must be shipped back within 7 days of the original delivery date.
  • Return must include a Return Authorization (RA) number which can be acquired by emailing us at
  • Buyer must understand and agree to pay for all shipping costs associated with returning the item(s). This includes non-reimbursement of any expedited shipping services selected at the time of purchase.
  • Item(s) that have been opened or have broken seals are not eligible for a refund or exchange.
  • Item(s) must be returned in full. This includes but is not limited to parts, manuals, and/or accessories. reserves the right to deny any return or exchange, and may request additional information as a condition of a return or exchange.

Buyers are responsible for all costs associated with the return process (shipping costs). We strongly recommend you insure your package(s) as we are not liable for items that are lost or damaged while in transit. Non-standard shipping services purchased by the buyer in relation to the original purchase including, but not limited to, upgraded and international shipping, are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are non-refundable. You may expect your refund or exchange to process within one week of the delivery date to us assuming the above conditions are met; this includes refunds and exchanges shipped out.

Orders Returned After 7 Days

After 7 days, products are not eligible for return or exchange. Outside our 7 day Returns and Exchange Policy we do not accept any returns for any reason. 


Buyer will bear all transaction costs when requesting a refund on an original purchase. When issues a refund, all transaction costs will be deducted from the refund total issued to the buyer.


Some Warranty claims will be facilitated and handled by For products that have worldwide manufacturer warranty, buyer needs to contact the manufacturer directly. Buyer is welcome to contact to inquire about warranty status on purchased item(s) and find out who will cover the warranty. For warranty claims handled by, buyers are responsible for all costs associated with the return process (shipping costs). We strongly recommend you insure your package(s) as we are not liable for items that are lost, damaged or confiscated by authorities due to non-compliance while in transit. Non-standard shipping services purchased by the buyer in relation to the original purchase including, but not limited to, upgraded and international shipping, are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are non-refundable.

Notice reserves the right to amend this Returns and Exchange Policy at any time by posting the amended terms on this page. As well, Pocketovens and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse a return for any reason.


Based on 308 reviews
Low temp cap

Not much difference than the standard cap but it does help to reuse the herbs more than 1 hit

a must try!

great option to have,no spinning and faster extraction.
sad to hear pocket oven gonna close soon, grab while u can!

DynaVap Titanium CCD (3 Pack)

Compared to the steel ccd, it's less bendable and doesn't seem to have its debris as sticky when cleaning.👍

Arizer V-Tower
arizer v tower

best value deskstop style convection vaporizer

PAX Mini
Love it, but…

I’ve been vaping for a while with the pax 3 and my trusty Budkups. Tried out the pax mini and sorely missed the option of managing my own heat levels to squeeze out the different terpenes at any given level. Also I can’t use Budkups with it.

To be honest though, that’s really just nitpicking. Did I suffer from a compromised experience? Absolutely not. Did I enjoy it? Hell yeah.

Stop smoking, start vaping ✌️

DynaVap OmniVap Titanium
Muhamad S.Z.
Money worth, hasssle free

Easy shipping for local, compare buy from overseas. Chief Baker please update your stock. Malaysian want latest M7

Easy to use and useful on the go


Original and reliable

A reliable cleaner

Reliable and worth the money

Spot on, fast service!

Properly wrap and delivered within 1-2 days.

Arizer Air MAX

Arguably the best portable vaporizer.

Works great!!

Got two caps from previous M2019 n 2020, both seems weary and had been using for a few years, tried the low temp cap, got the right timing and produce a nice flavor & it got me back on track👍👍

Absolute b@nger🔥🔥

Fits nicely into 14mm, a bit tight while on it and it works great..produce a great flavor and great vapor and of course good material! Currently using my old M titanium tip.

Mighty mouthpiece

Spare accessory for Mighty. As the rubber can be hard to remove, getting these spares made things easier

Fantastic product

The Mighty is a very user friendly vape, easy to clean and has a good battery life, almost 90 minutes on full battery. Of course it is pricey but worth every cent in my opinion. Although bulky, it is not that difficult to carry around with you during local travels. The slight drawback can be the fact that it requires wall plug to be charged and hence might not be easy to charge on the go.

Overall no regrets

Highly Recommended !!

Awesome Product ..... Great Seller .. Great Support ❤️ Shipping Fast . Perfect ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

PAX Mini
Loving my Pax Mini

The Pax mini is so easy to use and clean. The battery life is also fantastic as it can last more than an hour and the device itself although you cant set the temperature, it feels like its set at a perfect burn.

Further to that, as usual, the customer service from Pocket Ovens is 5 star, any queries I had during and after purchase was answered in detail and helpfully.

fast delivery!

the condenser oring u get not the same as u get with the device, its even got dynavap usa stamp on it. thanks pocket oven for bringing in dynavap and it accessories!

PAX Mini
Faiz M.
Excellent Vaporizer

Easy to use. Just give it a full charge. Pack the oven & lets go. Excellent hit. Recommended

Arizer XQ2
Ron S.

My second Arizer. Great product. Works as designed :-)

The pocketovens guys did a great job. Flawless delivery. Topshelf.

Molek doh

Bare baik

Terima kasih boss!

DynaVap B
Good beginning to the dynavap world

Learning curve is something else, but the results? oomf

Thank you for your review!

DynaVap B
absolutely banger even just half bowl

get it while u can, i just cannot miss out on this low price offer

Thank you for your review! Do keep a lookout on our website for more great deals ;)

An efficient and convenient way for efficiency

So this was on sale for Merdeka a year back and so this can be considered to be a year review of usage.

So first impressions? Great, finally no.need to manually adjust the screen here and there and getting cuts, pokes or having to redo several times with the screen.

It is what it says to do and it was snugg with my Dynavap 2020M.

So could you still have big clouds, a good taste and the rush? Yes you can.

I mostly recommend this if you really need a more efficient saver. First time you use it.there might not be big clouds yet but it needs some getting used to to get the beat right and the haze will come.

Just one thing, it is meant to be a saver not a boost, so. If you want to macrodose or something similarly beyond using the half bowl can't achieve that.

Oh and DO be careful when it gets stuck, yes it can get stuck, especially if you missed out on maintenence. Mine is still stuck for a year 😅. But the positive side is i get to save on my herbs so I let it slide.

Also huge thanks to PocketOvens as they said need to soak the chamber in alcohol to remove it. I just haven't gotten around to do it yet.

But tl;dr, I recommend it as it helps you save. Just be careful not to let it get stuck.

Thank you for the great review! We hope you managed to dislodge the stucked screen, do update us if the soaking method works in your favour.

DynaVap BB9 Glass Midsection

Thank you for your review!