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Referred to as "the iPhone of vaporizers", the PAX devices are elegantly crafted portable vaporizers that doesn't skim on performance. PAX Labs have been creating these session conduction vaporizers since 2012 making them a household name in the market.

Whether it's the much loved PAX3 or the newer additions such as the PAX Plus and the Pax Mini, you can expect consistent delivery of quality vapors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PAX aromatherapy vaporizer?

PAX devices are session conduction vaporizers that heats up both dry herbs and concentrates. Designed and created by PAX Labs, this much-loved brand has been coming out with aromatherapy vaporizers for over a decade with their signature sleek designs and advanced vaporizing technology. These portable and discreet devices are perfect for users on-the-go, and is one of the more popular vaporizers for our customers in Malaysia, Thailand and India.

How to use a PAX aromatherapy vaporizer?

Funnel your ground material into the oven chamber, or use the concentrates insert if you’re using concentrates. Single press to power on, then press and hold to enter the temp set mode. Single press to cycle through the presets and shake the device to lock it in. The petals turn purple then switch to green once it is ready to hit. We recommend waiting an additional 8-10 seconds before hitting for thicker inhalations. Read our PAX startup guide for a more comprehensive explanation.

How to pack dry aromatherapy herbs into a PAX?

Packing your PAX correctly is an important step in ensuring optimal vaporization and flavour. Depending on the PAX device, the ovens can hold anywhere from 0.25g - 0.50g of dry herbs. For any similar-like conduction devices, our Chief Baker recommends that the dry herbs are tightly packed in the oven chamber. Tamp the herbs down firmly and level it with the PAX Multi Tool or an edge of the oven lid. If you prefer a smaller load, close the oven with the Half-pack Oven Lid.

What is the difference between the PAX Plus, PAX Mini and PAX 3?

PAX Plus and PAX Mini were launched in 2023 to replace the PAX 3. The PAX Plus replaces the legendary PAX 3 vaporizer, backed by the same 10 year warranty. Don’t worry, all PAX 3 accessories are still compatible with the PAX Plus since they are sized the same. The PAX Mini is a new compact-size PAX aromatherapy device that delivers the same high quality performance as other PAX devices. PAX Mini is not concentrate-ready and comes with a 2 year warranty. The PAX Plus has 4 preset heating modes while the PAX Mini aromatherapy vaporizer has 1 heating mode.

How to read the PAX LED Petals Light?

The PAX 3 aromatherapy vaporizer uses 4 LED indicators that change colours, pulse, blink and dance around. Upon powering, the PAX petals will have white lights swirling around to indicate startup. Purple lights will flow upwards when the heating process begins and green lights will mean that the device is ready to use. There are 4 pre-set temperature settings that correspond to the petals changing colours from green to yellow to orange and finally red.. Look at our LED petal guides for more specific details.

How to play games on your PAX 3 vaporizer?

Secret games were built into the PAX 3, cleverly designed using the technology in the device. It’s definitely THE ONLY vaporizer (to our knowledge) that has this added feature in the market. Lay your PAX 3 vaporizer in the game position, then roll the device forward three times. The first game that shows up is PAXspin, roll the device 3 times again to go to PAXrun and another triple roll to enter PAXsays. Full details in our PAX 3 Secret Games Guide. Try them out and let us know!

How to clean a PAX Plus, PAX Mini and PAX 3 aromatherapy vaporizer?

Keeping your PAX clean is crucial for optimal performance and flavour. To do a quick clean, empty the materials from the oven chamber and disassemble the mouthpiece. Wash the mouthpieces under running water and inspect the vapor path in the device for any residue or build-up.

The PAX kit comes with a maintenance kit that you can use for a more thorough clean every month or so, depending your usage frequency. Soak the mouthpieces, screens and concentrate chamber (without the oven lid) in a bowl with some Isopropyl Alcohol. Leave it submerged for 30 mins - 1 hour.

Dip a pipe cleaner or cleaning brush in some Isopropyl Alcohol and insert it in the vapor path. Move it back and forth, flossing the vapor path to remove any oils and residue.

For the oven chamber & oven lids, moisten a cotton swab or cotton bud with Isopropyl Alcohol (or warm soapy water) and wipe the inside of the oven, top of the device and oven lids

Check out our PAX Maintenance Guide for more in-depth cleaning instructions.

What are the best accessories for the PAX aromatherapy vaporizers?

All PAX 3 parts are replaceable, regular cleaning would extend it’s life and performance. As for PAX 3 accessories, Chief Baker recommends using BudKups dosing capsules for the PAX. Not only do BudKups help you pre-pack sessions on-the-go, it also keeps the oven chamber cleaner. By using BudKups in your PAX aromatherapy vaporizer you would reduce the frequency for deep cleaning as oils and residues tend to stay within the dosing capsule.

Is there an app for the PAX aromatherapy vaporizers?

PAX Labs created an app that is compatible with the PAX 3, PAX Era Pro and PAX Era devices that allows you to set dynamic heat settings, control temperature and lock the device. You can read more about the app here. We’re surprised that PAX Labs did not include The PAX App functionality on the PAX Plus and PAX Mini vaporizers. 

How long is the warranty on PAX aromatherapy vaporizers?

The PAX Plus and PAX 3 vaporizers are backed by an incredible 10 year warranty. The PAX Mini vaporizer has a 2 year warranty. PAX vaporizers have always been known for their high quality build and reliability. The PAX vaporizer warranty further protects your purchase in the off-chance event of defects. Each PAX device has a unique serial number used to authenticate the device and warranty claim.

International Shipping and Import of PAX aromatherapy vaporizers

We take great pride in our ability to fulfil orders for PAX vaporizers from worldwide, including to Thailand, India and Malaysia. We understand that navigating customs regulations can be daunting, but we assure our customers that they can have confidence in ordering from Pocket Ovens. Our discreet packaging and optional customs clearance insurance help ensure that orders are delivered without issue. We want all of our customers to have a positive experience when purchasing from Pocket Ovens, and we are committed to providing top-notch service and support.