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TOP 3 Accessories for Popular Dry Herb Vapes


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In this blog, Chief Baker is serving up the top 3 must-have accessories for some of Pocket Ovens' best-selling vaporizers! Explore these accessories for your dry herb aromatherapy vaporizers and feel the difference in your vaping sessions.

DynaVap M Plus Vape Accessories

1. YLL Induction Heater 2.0

The YLL Induction Heater 2.0 is compact, portable, and as easy to use as your TV remote. No more worrying about perfecting that lighter technique – just pop your DynaVap in, adjust the power, and enjoy uniform heating in the blink of an eye. You’ll get consistent hits out of your aromatherapy dry herbs every single time. Adjust heating time and power for full customisation!

Pro Tip: Grab it from Pocket Ovens and score a FREE 8.5mm Insert. The different insert heights (11.5mm and 8.5mm) allow you to adjust the hole depth of the heating chamber. This is your DynaVap's new best friend for different heating styles and effects!

2. BB9 Glass Stem Midsection

Get tasty and cool vapor diffusion with the BB9 Glass Stem Midsection. Those nine blue beads inside dance around for optimal heat dispersion. Connect it seamlessly with the Helix Titanium Tip, Titanium Tip, or Stainless Steel Tip. DynaVap users hail it as the best cooling stem out there!
Bonus points for water pipe lovers, it’s tapered to fit 14mm or 10mm female fittings. Stylish, functional, and a perfect accessory to add to your DynaVap collection.

3. Armored Cap and Titanium Helix Tip

We're getting a bit cheeky here, combining two in one but we just had to because it's a GAME CHANGER. 

The Armored Cap is a Captive Cap in Stainless Steel armour, ready to vaporize your entire dry herb load like a boss. This beast retains heat longer, giving you fuller, denser clouds. Easiest rips with no cap-spinning required! The Helix Titanium Tip ensures a faster, even heat up, while three new airports make each draw smoother. Did we mention it looks freaking dope?

Pocket Ovens Super Dope

PAX Plus Vape Accessories

1. BudKups Dosing Capsules

The latest version 3.0 BudKups are designed for optimal heating and vapor production. These dosing capsules boast an improved shape and increased airflow surface area, ensuring better functionality and greater ease of use. Pack multiple BudKups at once, stay prepared, and enjoy cleaner PAX sessions. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, these reusable wonders are a must-have if you treasure convenience in your kit.

For portability, consider the BudKups Case Bundle – pack multiple BudKups at once, always be ready, and keep your PAX cleaner. You can even swap capsules while walking! 

The bundle includes 6 BudKups Generation 3.0, the Bud Case, and 2 BudKup removal tools. Or opt for the BudKit Plus if you want the ultimate packing and storage system. It includes the Packing System for simplified packing, and additional items which maintain your material's optimal humidity level. It’s got everything you need in one kit! 

2. PAX Maintenance Kit

A clean PAX is a happy PAX! The PAX maintenance kit is your go-to for keeping your vaporizer in top-notch condition. With oven screens, pipe cleaners, and a wire brush, regular cleaning is a breeze, minimising the need for deep cleaning sessions. Say goodbye to gunky screens and hello to a fresh, like-new PAX experience.

3. PAX Grip Sleeve

The PAX Grip Sleeve is a snug silicone sleeve available in Sage, Periwinkle, or Lavender to keep it matchy-matchy with your device. This slip-proof sleeve not only adds a secure and comfortable grip but also keeps your PAX touch-proof when it reaches higher temperatures. Heat-resistant and easy to clean, it's the stylish and functional accessory your PAX needs.

Purchasing Vape Accessories from Pocket Ovens: We Got You Covered

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Here at Pocket Ovens, we are passionate about sharing authentic, accurate knowledge about dry herb vaporizers. In addition to our dedication to knowledge sharing, we are also committed to exceptional customer service. If you're buying a Pocket Ovens vaporizer from outside of Malaysia like Thailand and the rest of Asia such as India, Indonesia, Philippines or even Australia, we also offer the PocketOvens customs clearance insurance to guarantee your order arrives to you smoothly, wherever you are. 

Choosing a dry herb vaporizer from Pocket Ovens means choosing 100% satisfaction. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issues, and we'll assist you throughout the process. 

Storz & Bickel Mighty, Mighty+ and Crafty+

1. Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules

Loading and unloading your Mighty/Mighty+/Crafty+ dry herb vaporizer can get a whole lot easier! The Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules is the accessory made for on-the-go vaping. No more fussing with grinders in public – pre-fill capsules and switch between aromatherapy strains seamlessly. Keep your Storz & Bickel portable dry herb vaporizers clean and discreet with these capsules, making dosing a breeze, even in anxiety-inducing situations.  

2. Wear and Tear Set / Cooling Units

Keep your Mighty/Mighty+/Crafty+ in top condition with the Wear and Tear Set. Lose a part during cleaning? No worries – this set has you covered. Trust OG pieces from Storz & Bickel themselves to keep your dry herb vaporizer running smoothly. From screens and mouthpieces to a new cooling unit, this set ensures you're always renewed for a relaxing session.

You can also get standalone Cooling Units since they are also sold separately. Getting a new cooling unit or two keeps your precious Mighty/Mighty+/Crafty+ cleaner, more efficient, and more aromatic. Enjoy better flavour, greater durability, and the convenience of using your vaporizer while the other cooling unit is being cleaned. Especially handy if you’re a heavy user and don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning often.

Pro Tip: Get multiples to minimize deep cleaning routines and keep your Mighty/Mighty+/Crafty+ performing at its best. 

3. USB-C Supercharger

The USB-C Supercharger by Storz & Bickel for Mighty+ and Venty comes with 4 interchangeable plugs for worldwide use. Specifically designed for your faster charging needs, it almost halves your charge time, able to juice up your Mighty+/Venty up to 80% in 40 minutes. From zero battery levels, you can get to vaping your Mighty+/Venty in mere minutes with the pass through feature. As with all other Storz & Bickel authentic products, it works exactly as it should and that’s why you’ll love it. 

Storz & Bickel Volcano

1. Volcano Balloon Tube 3m

The Storz & Bickel Balloon Tube provides you with a whopping 3 meters of balloon material – enough to craft five balloons of the standard 60 cm size. It's food-safe, heat-proof, and odour-free, this material ensures you inhale pristine vapor.

2. Volcano Easy Valve XL Balloon Replacement Set

Upgrade your sharing sessions with the XL Easy Valve Replacement Set. These three-feet-long balloons are not just for you; they're for the squad. Ideal for spreading the vapor love among friends, this set includes six Easy Valve XL Balloons with Mouthpieces.

3. Wear & Tear Set

To ensure your Volcano keeps roaring, make sure to get the Wear & Tear Set. Packed with essentials to revive your Filling Chamber, this set includes four Cap Rings, a Normal Screen Set with a regular mesh width (approx. Ø 30 mm), and a Cleaning Brush.

XMAX V3 Pro and Fenix Mini

Just because your trusty XMAX V3 Pro and Fenix Mini won't break the bank doesn't mean they don't deserve a little extra TLC. Pick up these accessories to keep your dry herb vaporizers optimised!

1. Swish Cleaning Solution

First things first, cleanliness is next to godliness in the world of vaping. Enter Swish Cleaning Solution, made with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, it's the secret sauce to keep your glass and other gear dazzling. With a generous 500ml per bottle, your vaping arsenal is in for a spa day. Remember, a clean vape is a happy vape – trust us on this!

Fun Fact: Choose to #SapotLokal and clean your devices with this Malaysian made product. Proudly made in Subang Jaya!

2. Pocket Ovens Lightning Grinder

Pocket Ovens Lightning Grinder is a four-part dry herb grinder, built tough with anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Get something durable for your kit and chuck those nasty ol’ plastic grinders out! This bad boy comes in two sizes – 50mm and 60mm. With a clear top, it's like a window to your herbal kingdom. Divided into three compartments – Grinding, Storing, and the 'Catcher'.

Pro tip: Keep it clean to prevent those unexpected jams – ain't nobody got time for that!

3. Smokus Focus Comet Storage & Display Jar

The Smokus Focus Comet Storage & Display Jar is a little VIP suite for your stash. With a built-in magnifying glass and LED lighting, you can give your aromatherapy dry herbs the red-carpet treatment. Childproof, absolutely airtight, and best of all, smell proof! The portable size also means you can confidently take your stash on the road.

Arizer Air Max and Arizer Solo 2

1. Arizer Soft Shell Vaporizer Bag

The lightweight, padded, Arizer Soft Shell Vaporizer Bag comes equipped with 3 pockets. Enough room to store your Arizer Vaporizer, glass tubes, spare batteries and charger. This bag is compatible with the whole Arizer family – Arizer Argo, Air II, Air, Solo II, and Solo. 

2. Arizer Screen Pack

While Arizer stems already come with built-in glass screens, these metal screens are perfect for cloud chasers who fancy a finer grind. Six high-quality stainless steel filter screens are ready to take on the duty of ensuring you don’t accidentally inhale finely ground dry herbs. Use them with your Arizer Air, Air II, Solo, or Solo II to keep every particle in check and get richer, puffier clouds!
Pro tip: Double up on Glass Elbow Adapters for some bubbly water filtration fun! 

3. Arizer Glass Stems

Choose your style with the Arizer Glass Stems! The curved stem, perfect for Arizer Air, Air II, Solo, and Solo 2, not only looks sleek but also traps resin right where it should be – at the curve, away from your precious lungs. If you opt for a straight one – it’s pocket-friendly, easy storage and a breeze to clean.

Arizer Desktop Vape Accessories

1. Arizer Whip & Balloon Parts

With continuous use, whips and balloons run the course of wear and tear and can get dirty over time. Having a stash of clean, fresh bags/balloons and replacing your whip is crucial if you want to maintain the best vaping experience and flavour with your Arizer Desktop Vaporizers.

2. Arizer Glass Elbow Adapters

Arizer Glass Elbow Adapters are the connecting piece between your whip and heating chamber. Whether angled or L-shaped, these borosilicate glass connectors bring versatility to your Whip System. It’s a hit accessory with avid tinkerers!

Pro tip: Double up on Glass Elbow Adapters for some bubbly water filtration fun! 

3. Arizer Glass Bowls

The heart of your Arizer desktop vaporizer experience lies in the bowl, and Arizer doesn't disappoint. Personalise your sessions with a variety of Arizer Glass Bowls. The Cyclone, Connoisseur, and Tuff Bowls offer an 18mm opening, creating a seamless connection with the vaporizer and elbow adapter. Pair the Connoisseur or Cyclone Bowls with the Tuff Bowl Grips to protect your fingers and the bowls! 

Davinci IQC/Miqro-C

1. Dosing Capsules

Keep it tidy, keep it precise! These capsules keep your doses accurate when you pre-load dry herbs for on-the-go sessions. Easily swap out the capsules for quick loading and a cleaner oven. The threaded cap ensures security, and the stainless steel's thermal magic means swift heating. Plus, they come with a washable silicone case for travel ease. Pick the right capsule for your Davinci vaporizer model below.

2. DaVinci Hydrotube

If you love hitting your DaVinci through water, you definitely have to get the DaVinci Hydrotube – a spill-proof glass wonder that cools and filters vapor for oh-so-smooth hits.

Crafted from high-strength borosilicate glass, this patented Hydrotube boasts an elongated path, lowering overall vapor temperature before it reaches your throat. The upper dome of the Hydrotube maximises the surface area contact between vapor and water. It fits any 10mm male joint, with a splash chamber for clean sessions. HIGHLY recommended for a moisture-infused experience.

3. DaVinci Dosage Grinder

The DaVinci Dosage Grinder is a 2-in-1 grinder and funnel tool for easy cleaning and even easier filling. This high-quality aluminium device grinds and funnels your aromatherapy dry herbs directly into DaVinci's dosing capsules in a single step. 


There you have it, vape enthusiasts! Chief Baker has just dropped the ultimate guide to taking your dry herb vaping experience to the next level. These accessories are tried and tested game-changers, and they're all waiting for you at Pocket Ovens. 

Get some for yourself, or your vape buddy! If you already have these, feel free to chat with our team and discover more exciting accessories for you! Or your dry herb vaporizer model not listed above? Chat with us also!

Have other questions? As always reach out to us using the chat or email if you need any assistance, we are ever ready to help. If you found this helpful or want our articles fresh out the oven 😉, sign up for our mailing list below! 

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