Arizer Extreme Q Review : Affordable Desktop Vaporizer


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Vaporizers have become extremely popular in the last few years. And with good reason. Between smoking and vaporizing, anybody that cares for their lungs would pick the vaporizer any time. However, the trick is in choosing a vaporizer that’s robust, effective and long-lasting. Not to mention a trusted brand.

Arizer has made its mark as a company producing some of the best vaporizers out there. The Canadian company initially launched Arizer Extreme – a desktop vaporizer with powerful functionalities. But, they have upped the game with their Arizer Extreme Q – a sophisticated version of Extreme.

Let's take a look at it!

The Arizer Extreme Q gives you the choice to vape both concentrates and dry material. Mind you, devices that allow dual-functionality are crafted to perfection. It demands a sophisticated design to manage the different conditions and not every vaporizer can achieve that. For instance, Volcano Digit that was released in 2007 was brilliant. But, there was one problem – the price tag. $669 is a little steep for any vaporizer. However, dual-functionality vaporizers are complicated to design, and Volcano was a hit immediately.

Later in 2010, Arizer introduced the Arizer Extreme Q. The best part? Not only is the Extreme Q almost on par with the Volcano, it’s way more economical! Now that’s sophistication and affordability rolled into one.

Let’s get into the details of this powerful lean and mean machine.

What is the Arizer Extreme Q

The Arizer Extreme Q is a desktop unit (in contrast to portable vaporizers like the Pax, Mighty or Crafty) that allows you to vape both dry material and concentrates. Without actual burning, a vaporizer executes a more efficient extraction of want you need from your material without all the smoke and combustion harm. 

Extreme Q will make you fall in love with every smooth hit. It’s fast, powerful, and affordable. While other vaporizers use plenty of plastic, Extreme Q has doubled down on glass. The ceramic used is a major plus. Because it heats evenly and faster than other materials.

Another strength of the Extreme Q is the hybrid heating technology that combines both convection and conduction type of heating. To put it simply, the vapor is stronger and thicker.

The construction is unique, yet simple. Since the tower is made of metal, the unit withstands extreme temperatures ranging from 122 to 500 F or 260 C. It’s worth noting that although the device will not get hot, the glass can be too hot to the touch. The top of the device contains a plastic ring surrounding the heating element.

White the heating element heats up your material, the fan assists with airflow. Experiment with various settings because some users prefer to switch off the fan. The fan is important if you’re using the device for aromatherapy. Place the lower part of your glass bowl or aromatherapy dish at the top of the heating element, include some botanicals on your bowl, and the fan disperses a fragrance of your choice.

Arizer Extreme Q Balloon

Here comes the fun part! You can actually use the device to vape in two ways – whip and balloon vaping. For, whip vaping, users can connect the mouthpiece to the silicon tube and puff slowly. This works pretty well if you’re using alone or with a couple of friends and need a few quick draws. However, if you’re at a party with many people enjoying the vaporizer, you can connect the balloon to the mini whip, wait for the bag to fill up, disconnect it from the device and pass it around.

What's included?

Arizer Extreme Q has everything you need.

First off, of course, you get the vaporizer and a power adaptor. A cool quirk with the Arizer Extreme Q is the handy remote control device to operate it. Along with the remote comes a whip and an adapter.

The whip is what you’ll use to inhale and the adapter connects the whip to the heater unit. In case you don’t have bowls, don’t worry, you get two glass cyclone bowls. You will need a bag for the vapor to fill in. Thus, Extreme Q comes with two bags with frosted glass mouthpieces. Arizer includes a beautiful all glass elbow whip to connect to the bags to the device.

Additional equipment includes some screens, a stirring rod made of glass, and an aromatherapy dish!

Best features of the Arizer Extreme Q

Okay, so what makes the Extreme Q so damn good, you ask? Well, to be honest, there’s a lot to be said. Here are a few reasons why you should consider going for it.

Stays cool

Some vaporizers tend to heat up while you vape. Brands have a variety of cooling mechanisms and engineering designs, which lead to different heat retention and dissipation. Extreme Q however, has a dual wall stainless steel body and a clever design allowing the unit to stay cool. 

Experiment different temperatures and fan speeds to find your sweet spot. If you use it for a long stretch of time, though, the glass does get a little hot. Switch off the device for about 15 minutes to refill the vaporizer if you want to use it again.


Desktop vaporizers are meant to function smoothly without creating a racket. Extreme Q is incredibly quiet. So much that it’s one of the most silent vaporizers available today.


Despite being so affordable, Extreme Q comes with a remote control that lets you control everything from a distance. Whether it’s the temperature, sleep timer, a mute button to switch off the audio, fan power with settings, or even the lights, you can do it all with the remote. The device also has presets just in case you can’t make up your mind. 

Start with the presets and you can then take it from there once you adjust to it.


Not so long ago, you’d have to purchase two vaporizers for vaping concentrates and loose leaf. Fortunately, thanks to Arizer Vaporizers, you can do both using one machine. 

Remember the cyclone bowls? Simply place your dry herbs or concentrate in the bowl and switch the machine on. Now, you can either attach a whip or wait for the balloon to fill up. Pretty soon, one of these techniques will become your favorite!


One of the best features of Extreme Q is that it’s quick. Switch on the device and let it heat up slowly rather than cranking it up instantly. Usually, it may take 3 minutes to heat up and an additional 2-5 minutes to fill up an entire bag, but you could vape faster if you use the whip.

Vapor quality

Most people including other Arizer reviews sing praises about how the balloon gets filled with dense vapor. But, that’s not all. The glass mouthpiece improves the taste drastically. Whether you’re vaping or smoking, a lot depends on the taste, and Extreme Q certainly beats other vapes in this department.


It’s totally understandable if you’re worried about paying for a device that might not last long. The Arizer Extreme Q’s ceramic element comes with a lifetime warranty. Other parts come with a 3 year warranty. Nevertheless, they’re built with great quality and should last you many, many years. We’ll facilitate any warranty claim and help you sort out any issues!

To sum it up, Arizer seems to be giving other vaporizers a run for their money. It’s affordable, technologically brilliant, and easy to use even for beginners. If you’re looking for a reliable desktop vaporizer, the Arizer Extreme Q could very well be the answer.


How to use the Arizer Extreme Q?

Although the device and its numerous parts may seem complicated, it’s extremely simple to use.

  1. Switch on the power button located at the front of the unit. You can also use the remote control.
  2. Next, set the temperature according to your choice. Lower temperatures get more flavor out, and higher temps give you milkier vapor.
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes for the device to heat up.
  4. If you’re vaping loose leaf, grind the material first. You can get away with a medium grind consistency. Next, place the botanicals in the bowl and pack gently. Do not pack it in all the way as the material won't get a uniform roasting. Instead, fill up 3/4 of the bowl.
  5. If you’re using the Extreme Q whip : connect the elbow adapter end to the bowl and take slow puffs. You will need some practice to get this just right. Puffing too fast or slow will not give you the right draw. Instead, draw just enough so your material moves around in the bowl. 

    This will last for about 15 seconds. You can stir the bowl with the provided tool as you go. Experiment with the fan speed to get some assistance pushing the vapor out. Some users like to switch off the fan while using the whip.

  6. If you’re using the Extreme Q Balloon : you’ll still grind and fill up 3/4 of the bowl as usual. Next, grab the all-glass mini whip, stick it on the device and attach it the other end to the balloon. The fan disperses the vapor evenly throughout the bag. 

    Now, you will need to wait for the bag to fill up. Once filled, use it as soon as possible because waiting too long can change the taste and make the vapor a little harsh. 

    To vape from the bag, switch off the fan, remove the balloon bag and inhale from the glass mouthpiece attached to the bag. Remember to keep your finger on the mouthpiece because this balloon does not have a valve to automatically keep the vapor in!

  7. Use the stir tool to mix your botanicals as you continue to vape. Once the taste changes, or if the material is completely roasted (dark brown), it’s time to discard them. Grab the bowl’s rubber end that’s facing up and then turn it upside down. Make sure you don’t touch the glass as it could get hot, especially if you’re going at it for a long time.

Pro Tip : Pack your dry herbs in the elbow instead of placing it on the bowl. Pretty much all of Reddit loves it, you basically pack the little screen that goes inside of the elbow joint rather than filling the bowl. Increase the temperature a bit more than you normally would. This neat trick gets you thicker vapor.


One important aspect you need to focus on is the maintenance. As with all vapes, doing a quick clean after each session keeps your vaporizer working like a charm. Cleaning your Arizer is not difficult, and can be done pretty quickly. 

If you're a heavy Extreme Q user (daily), it definitely needs a deep clean every week. This ensures that your unit lasts a long time.

  • Do not attempt to clean the device while it’s running.
  • Clean the glass parts only when they are cool.
  • Use paper towels or a microfiber cloth to clean the parts frequently because it becomes tough to clean if there’s a considerable buildup of residue. If you can’t clean it regularly for some reason, use some isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stubborn resin. Cleaning gives you better vapor.
  • Turn the device upside down every once in a while. Do it above your sink so any loose debris can fall out.

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