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marijoinlah swish glass cleaner

very effectives and easy to rub 👍🏻

Plastic Grinder 55mm
Faiz Hafizuddin


Crafty+/Mighty+ Universal Silicone Adapter
Joseph Lai
Best attachment

This attachment is far superior to the whip adaptor because it keeps the cooling unit super clean and almost not needed to be used if you’re a true blue bong guy like myself

Best vape in the market

By far the creme de la creme of vapes if you’d ask me. It chucks out clouds of vapor and I highly recommend the water pipe attachment because if you wanna convert from bonging to vaping, this is the vape to go to. Trust me.


Once youve tried it, confirm want to use this more than other tubes.

Useful and convenient

Can prep ahead of time, keep your oven cleaner too.

Useful items

Must have to complement your device and make it more versatile.

Marijoinlah Kayu - Wooden Storage for DynaVap
Abil Ash
It's OK

My biggest gripe with the Marijoinlah is the finish and the magnet.

The outer finish is good, but the interior is rough with some wood shaving dust inside. You wouldn't want those stuck on your Dynavap and into your lungs.

The magnet on the other hand is really weak. It can barely keep the dynavap up unlike the original case.

Another downside is how small the fit is. It couldn't fit my VoNG. So any vapcap that's 14mm in width will not fit.

Overall I'd spent a bit more for the original case, but if you're getting this, make sure to put in a bit of work to make it worth it.

Abil Ash
Very good case but needs to be finished

The case is quite good. My only gripes with it is that you need to apply a finish to it otherwise it won't be waterproof.

The magnet is really strong and will confidently hold your dynavap no problem. It could also fit thicker vapcaps like the VoNG.

Again, the only downside is the lack of finish. So if you have the time, buy some Polyurethane Spray from ACE and spray and sand it yourself

Absolute Best Purchase

Really really worth it! The VoNG's Ti Tip is downright the best I've used. Really big vapors but also difficult to combust. What's more the stem is super solid.

I will say that my vong came with loose parts at the start, but to fix this you can squeeze the side of the sleeve holding the crown and mouthpiece.

This is really the only Dynavap you'll need I feel. 14mm and 10mm compatible to be used with water piece. Absolutely LOVE IT

Cheap, hassle free, and no bs

Just elbow pack instead of conventional way, you'd get more for your herbs.

Jonathan Zeehan
Pax 3

Small but powerful. Smooth inhalation that doesn’t makes you cough. Thanks to heating technology. Really would recommend others to try out too.

DynaVap "M" 2021
Labuari Saheed
Its pretty good.

just make sure you use the proper lighter .

Quality not so good.think I ve ordered 4 or 5 from u. Plastic Crack n broke again after 1 week. Haiz zzz

Genius Pipe Classic: Top Secret Stealth
Joseph Lai
Best convenience in smoking

It’s the best most convenient way to micro dose and travel around

Great product.

Bought a replacement cap for my dynavap, got the express same day delivery, everything works and delivery was quick. Thank you

Plastic Grinder 55mm
Hafiz Yusof

Ok. Can use

Pengisar Slim 4 Part Metal Grinder 40mm
Ramizah Ruslan Flora Wilfred
Marijoinlah sangat Mantap👍👍👍👍👍

Trusted.cepat smpai limbang,smua good deal n no problem.

DynaVap "M" 2021 Starter Kit
Ramizah Ruslan Flora Wilfred

My item stuck at miri facility

DaVinci IQC
Powerful Device

Dry-herbs technology is still lacking its innovation but this device is one of the best, in my second month using this device.
Dont forget to regularly clean your device to avoid any blockage and to get better vapor taste. (Once a week is good, watch video on how to)
With our local herbs, the taste can really be undesirable, but you’d still get the “effect” out of it.
5 year warranty, feels poweful, highly recommended.

Pengisar Slim 4 Part Metal Grinder 40mm
Timothy Spencer
Decent Grinder

Very fine grind with few twists. Good for a dry vaporizer. The item is smaller than I expected, but that's on me for not reading the description. Overall very worth it

Mighty dosing capsule

Very good i like it.

Yuzeir Muhammad
Most High

Pax 3 is so much easier but its only suitable for indoor session. Important is 'barang jadi'

Davinci Flavour Chamber - IQ2, IQC

Pretty lit

After trying it once from a friend, got it for myself the next day. Same day delivery is on point! Product wise temp, battery works well and reliable, cleaning and maintainence is the easiest! 5/5 recommended