Herbathek Organic Herbs (German Import)

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There are a good number of other pleasant herbs out there for you to enjoy in a safe manner. Herbathek is a modern day apothecary based in Berlin, Germany. Their food-grade organic herbs are safe to consume and responsibly sourced.

Each of these herbs has unique properties and benefits, making them ideal for a wide range of needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a way to soothe your senses, improve your mood, or create a romantic and intimate atmosphere, there is a herb that can help you achieve your desired results. As these are still alternative medicine, we are not offering any medical advice and you are advised to do your own research. 

    Thyme herb

    Vape temp at 130°C - 190°CLatin name: Thymus vulgaris

    • disinfecting against gastro-intestinal complaints
    • disinfecting and cough-relieving against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations
    • anti-hypertensive against cardiac (heart) diseases

    Peppermint leaves

    Vape temp at 130°C-170°C, Latin name: Mentha piperita

    • For stomach and intestinal discomfort, and bloating. Pleasant cool feeling in the lungs in the phyto-inhalation. 


    Vape temp at 130° C, Latin name: Eucalyptus globulus

    • Eucalyptus leaves have a disinfecting, germicidal and expectorant effect - e.g. in acute and chronic bronchitis.

    Hops flowers

    Vape temp at 130°C-154°C, Latin name: Lupuli flos

    • sedative against insomnia

    Lavender flowers

    Vape temp at 130° C, Latin name: Lavandulae flos

    • anti-depressive and sedative with insomnia
    • anti-depressive and tonicizing with menstrual pains
    • anti-inflammatory against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

    Lemon Balm leaves

    Vape temp at 130°C-142°C, Latin name: Melissae folium

    • anti-spasmodic against gastro-intestinal complaints
    • anti-inflammatory, anti-perspirant, and anti-spasmodic against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

    Warning: Herbs and their active compounds can have various side effects or interactions with medications, substances or foods. Please consult your doctor before starting any aromatherapy or healing therapy. Do not vape during pregnancy, not suitable for children.

    So why wait? If you're looking for a way to elevate your vaporizing experience, then try these herbs today and discover the full range of benefits that they have to offer!

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