Herbathek Organic Herbs (German Import)

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There are a good number of other pleasant herbs out there for you to enjoy in a safe manner. Embark on a journey of holistic well-being with Herbathek, a modern-day apothecary from the heart of Berlin, Germany. Their exquisite collection of food-grade organic herbs are responsibly sourced and safe to consume. Make each day a celebration of self-care and inner peace!

Why vaporize Herbathek Organic Herbs?

  • Self-Love Elixirs: Deepen your self-love rituals by vaporizing herbs that resonate with the spirit of self-care. Vaporizers with precise temperature controls enable you to enjoy not only the intense flavour of these herbs, but also the powerful healing effects. From calming lemon balm to mood-boosting lavender, our herbs are your allies in the journey to rediscover and nurture yourself.
  • Experience Nature's Embrace: Feel the embrace of Mother Nature with our thoughtfully sourced organic herbs. Each herb carries unique essences from the plant and earth, bringing you closer to the rhythms of nature. Vaporizing intensifies herb effects compared to traditional infusions.
  • Convenient and Discreet Aromatherapy: Whether you're creating a serene atmosphere for meditation or indulging in a quiet moment of reflection, portable vaporizers allow you savour your botanical blend anywhere and anytime. Tap into what resonates with your free-spirited vibes as a modern-day hippie.
  • Alternative Medicine Benefits: Explore the unique properties of each herb – a natural remedy for various needs and preferences. Different combination of herbs can produce alternative effects as well.

As these are still alternative medicine, we don't prescribe medical advice and strongly advise you to do your own research.

Craft Your Peaceful Ritual with These Combinations:

  • "Self Love" Blend: Lavender & Sage - Immerse in self-love with stress-relieving lavender and grounding sage. Let the delicate fragrances help you find emotional balance and transport you to a realm of peace and compassion.
  • "Serene Dream" Blend: Lavender & Hops - This relaxing combo lulls you into a tranquil state, promoting deep sleep and easing away the stresses of the day.
  • “Purify” Blend: Sage and Lemon Balm - Sage, a revered herb for its cleansing properties, combines with lemon balm's soothing touch, creating an aromatic haven that dispels negativity and fosters harmony.
  • "Freshness and Clarity" Blend: Peppermint & Eucalyptus - The refreshing fusion of this duo sparks an invigorating energy, clears the respiratory passages, and uplifts your mind.

Herbathek Organic Herbs


Vape temp at 125°C - 180°C, Latin name: Salvia officinalis

  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, disinfects against mouth and throat
  • Astringent properties offer relief from hot flushes and heavy sweating
  • Phytoestrogens alleviate hormone-related symptoms like mood swings and anxiety

Sage can be bitter when vaporized on its own so it’s best combined with other dry herbs.

Vape temp at 130°C - 190°CLatin name: Thymus vulgaris

  • Disinfecting against gastro-intestinal complaints
  • Disinfecting and cough-relieving against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations
  • Anti-hypertensive against cardiac (heart) diseases

    Peppermint leaves
    Vape temp at 130°C-170°C, Latin name: Mentha piperita

    • For stomach and intestinal discomfort, and bloating
    • Pleasant cool feeling in the lungs in the phyto-inhalation

      Vape temp at 130° C, Latin name: Eucalyptus globulus

      • Eucalyptus leaves have a disinfecting, germicidal and expectorant effect - e.g. in acute and chronic bronchitis.

        Hops flowers
        Vape temp at 130°C-154°C, Latin name: Lupuli flos

        • Sedative against insomnia
        • Calm emotional distress
        • Ease muscle spasms

          Lavender flowers
          Vape temp at 130° C, Latin name: Lavandulae flos

          • Calming effect for restlessness
          • Anti-depressive and sedative with insomnia
          • Anti-depressive and tonicizing with menstrual pains
          • Anti-inflammatory against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations

            Lemon Balm leaves
            Vape temp at 130°C-142°C, Latin name: Melissae folium

            • Anti-spasmodic against gastro-intestinal complaints
            • Anti-inflammatory, anti-perspirant, and anti-spasmodic against coughs, cold, and pharyngeal inflammations
            • For nervous restlessness and stress, for nervous sleep disturbances

            Warning: Herbs and their active compounds can have various side effects or interactions with medications, substances or foods. Please consult your doctor before starting any aromatherapy or healing therapy. Do not vape during pregnancy, not suitable for children.

            So why wait? If you're looking for a way to elevate your vaporizing experience, then try these herbs today and discover the full range of benefits that they have to offer!

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