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DynaVap M Plus Review and Usage Guide


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The Dynavap M Plus is the latest iteration of the best-selling DynaVap M vaporizer, released in March 2023. The new DynaVap M Plus has a unique look and some pretty big design changes. In this article we've whipped up a delicious roundup of the features and usage guide. Let's get baking!

For the newbies to the DynaVerse, we recommend checking out our Dynavap Guide first to learn the ins and outs with using this unique battery-free device. 

New DynaVap Packaging for the M Plus

Previously, the "M" 2021 vaporizer came in a 100%-recyclable cardboard fold that was shaped like a DynaVap Cap. The new and improved packaging that comes with the DynaVap M Plus vaporizer is more contemporary and professional. 

DynaVap M 2021  Vaporizer Box
DynaVap M 2021 Box
DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Box
DynaVap M Plus Box

The DynaVap M Plus comes in a green rectangular box with a little plastic window that displays the sleek device. A paper sleeve inside holds the vaporizer. The boxed packaging is recyclable. DynaVap steps into what seems like 'mass-market' ready packaging as the packaging is ready to hang, with its little ear at the top. 

Will it become a must-have vaporizer for the masses? 

DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Box Back
DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer Packaging

On the back of the box you'll find QR code taking you to DynaVap's page and unique points and features Dynavap aromatherapy vaporizers.

Finless DynaVap Tip with the M Plus

Dynavap M Plus is like a fresh breeze of innovation with the first finless Tip from DynaVap. The previous M Tips' fins or heat sinks are replaced with a conical design, making the M Plus Tip look like a rocket ship. 

DynaVap M Plus Finless Tip
“Rocket Ship” Finless Tip
DynaVap M Plus M 2021 Tips
DynaVap M 2021 vs M Plus Tips

The new finless Tip is lighter, heats up faster, and is 15% larger - means more herbs for your sessions. This lighter Tip also maximises thermal mass around the bowl. 

Although we prefer the 'finned' look, cleaning your DynaVap Tip would be easier since there's less grooves. Removing and attaching the Tip is really satisfying with the clear 'click!' as you insert it in the stem.

More efficiency

Enjoy faster heat-up times with the M Plus Tip, that also comes with dimples at the bottom of the bowl as heat indication markers. Be aimless no more as you can now use this easy to see markers to guide your flame for optimal extractions.

DynaVap M Plus Crowned Tip
Crowned tip
DynaVap M Plus Tip breaking up herbs
Break up your herbs with the tip

The new M Plus Tip has 12%-15% larger oven capacity than its predecessor and includes the Adjust-A-Bowl feature allowing for small and large oven sizes. The top of the DynaVap Finless Tip is crowned with 7 pointy points, use them to break up your aromatherapy herb. DynaVap parts & accessories are always very functional!

Single Heat Cycle Full Extractions

Picture this: Enjoying the full hit of vaping the entire bowl by heating up your trusty Dynavap just once

In the ol' days, achieving the coveted one-heat extraction took some skills and a dash of technique. Folks used accessories like the Simrell FMJ and the Dynavap Armored Cap, adding that extra thermal oomph to the cap by extending the Dynavap tip's heating and allowing for that one-heat extraction.

But here's where the Dynavap M Plus Tip shines—there's no need for special caps or thermal add-ons. This tip is the real MVP. It's been carefully designed and optimised for this very purpose.

Now, don't get me wrong; single-heat extractions have always been doable with any Dynavap Tip with the right accessories. But the M Plus Tip? It's in a league of its own, purpose-built and fine-tuned to make those single-heat sessions an absolute breeze.

DynaVap M Plus dimples
Heat indication markers “dimples”
DynaVap M Plus Aim Torch at Dimples
Aim your torch at the “dimples”

Those tiny dimples, well, they're your ticket to full extractions, but they do take a tad longer to heat up. Aim your torch at them. 

The best part? 

No need for twirling or spinning. Once that magical click happens, brace yourself because it's good to go. 

The hits? 

They're thick, powerful, and deliver a vaping experience that's nothing short of exceptional. Here's the beauty – you don't have to rush through it. You could take a few satisfying hits, exhale, and hop right back in before it even had a chance to cool down.

One crucial point to remember when using this method: The stem will get hot! 

Here are some tips & tricks to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to have the airport wide open when you take your hit. This not only enhances your airflow but also helps keep that stem cool.
  • Pro-tip: Avoid using a multi-flame torch. That's like turning up the heat way too high in your cooking. Instead, go for a single-flame torch lighter. It's like using just the right amount of flame to keep things under control, making your vaping experience smoother and cooler.

Read our featured blog post for Chief Baker's DynaVap Tips on heating techniques.

DynaVap M Plus Square Airport

Better Airflow Control

DynaVap Airport Evolution

The square airport (that's the hole on the stem) and the pyramid pivot on the other side allow for better airflow on the DynaVap M Plus aromatherapy vaporizer. The square shaped airport is a departure from the airport slits seen on the 2021 "M", Omni and Vong vaporizers. Looks pretty nice, we must say! 

Now, let's talk about the pyramid pivot style Rocker - it's not just for show. Back in 2019, Dynavap introduced the Rocker, which was all about that tactile sensation, designed to make locating the airport a breeze. Fast forward to today, and the Dynavap M Rocker has gone through its evolution. 

The Dynavap M Plus Rocker is a precision positioned square pyramid pivot, perfectly matching the airport. This nifty feature has a crucial role to play in adjusting the airport, whether you want to feather it or give it a little rock. You can create rapid pulses or maintain a smooth and steady flow.

We actually don't find it particularly easier to locate than the previous Dynavap Ms, but the M Plus doesn't make it any trickier either. It's all about that consistency, folks! 

 If you're the hobby-ist kind, why not design and build your own DynaVap vaporizer with the DynaVap Makers Kit!

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Textured Tactile Stem

Let's groove on over to those tactile cut outs and design - they're a real treat. The most obvious design update is the wood-like textured finish along the DynaVap M Plus stem. Dynavap flaunts that these machine-cut etchings are unique and hard to replicate. 

DynaVap M Plus Textured Tactile Stem
DynaVap M Plus vs. DynaVap M 2021 Stem

More importantly though, the improvement to the grip is very significant. This DynaVap will not slip out of your fingers! Although the stem looks pretty rugged and random, the finishing is really smooth with no sharp edges.

Similar to its predecessor the M 2021, the DynaVap M Plus stem features the same 10mm mouthpiece, which you can easily connect to your water piece. If you need to fit the DynaVap in a larger connection, use the DynaVap Fat Mouthpiece to increase its width to 14mm.

'Hidden' DynaVap Designs

There are also some design 'easter eggs' that you can discover on your DynaVap M Plus Vaporizer. Nothing functional, but it's a nice finesse touch by DynaVap! Around the pyramid point, you can see the "M" shape. On the base of the DynaVap Tip, the design also looks like the letter M.

Hidden M on DynaVap Stem M Plus
M Shape on DynaVap M Plus Finless Tip


Dynavap M Plus Significantly Upgrades from Previous Models

The Dynavap M Plus has introduced subtle yet significant changes and innovations. We've dissected its features and explored its usage in this blog, and boy, are we impressed. 

Although the DynaVerse community was a little less enthusiastic when it was released, the Dynavap M Plus is effectively designed for both new and experienced dry herb vaporizer users. The textured stem, square airport and rocker are great for those who crave more control over their vaping escapades. This vaporizer offers cutting-edge design for more efficient extractions. 

The new finless Tip is the clear winner here, heating up faster and holding more herbs.  The M Plus effectively brought many small improvements that add up to make it another iconic DynaVap M vaporizer.

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