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The DynaVap “M” - A unique vaporizer that came to revolutionize the industry

DynaVap’s original VapCap M is, essentially, a battery free device. This may sound like just another feature on the list, but make no mistake: it makes people go crazy about this one-of-a-kind vaporizer! The simplicity of this device and its whole user experience are a product of this industry-leading technology. This is what makes it unique and has earned it a community of followers.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

DynaVap Vaporizer M 2020

The DynaVap “M” Vaporizer

The VapCap M or M, as it is affectionally called, is DynaVap’s flagship device. It’s a medical grade stainless-steel vaporizer that has somewhat successfully re-engineered the way we consume our beloved material. The M manages to deliver a seamless vaping experience for both newbies and pro users.

DynaVap’s groundbreaking technology regulates the inner temperature of the device, removing batteries and electricity from the equation and simplifying the whole process. Instead, it runs with external heating sources. This means your sessions will be closer to the classic smoking process, but without the negative effects of combustion.

Dynavap M Vapcap Parts with Labels

The VapCap M is made up of four component groups:

The Condenser

The mastermind behind the scenes. The condenser is responsible for working the battery-free magic, regulating the temperature of your vaporizer. It comes with two O-rings to adjust to the stem with a comfortable fit.

The Stem

This part is the actual body of your VapCap and it holds the mouthpiece at the end. It features airports and tactile geometry, designed specifically to provide the best available airflow and the highest level of comfort for its users. DynaVap devices are also very portable, it’s about the size of a blunt!

The Tip

The tip is the chamber for your material: your oven. It includes the CCD Screen – the part in the tip where your material is placed, with a state-of-the-art design that offers unparalleled airflow.

To widen the possibilities for consumers, DynaVap also created the DynaCoil which can be used to switch from dry botanicals to concentrates smoothly.

The Captive Cap

The star of the show; the cap will let you know when your device is ready to go for a spin, and when it needs to be reheated. It’s an ingenious little trick, all you need to do is hear out for a ‘click’ from the Cap to tell you to start or stop your sesh.

Assembling your DynaVap

Once you get your VapCap, the device will be fully assembled, and you should only need to take it apart for cleaning and maintenance. In order to ensure your vaporizer’s best lifespan, this should be done regularly. Check out our DynaVap cleaning and maintenance guide to learn how to keep your DynaVap devices working like brand new. 

When you receive your DynaVap, we recommend getting to know your vaporizer by disassembling it and putting it back together. This is a simple three-step process, made quite easy for you due to its user-friendly, light design.

  1. Remove the cap.
  2. Remove the tip.
  3. Use the Digger-Outer (that’s the little tail on your Cap) to push the condenser out from the stem.

Voila! You have your four groupings separated. To put them back together, simply reverse the procedure.

 Spin Heating DynaVap Vaporizer 2020M

Heating devices

Since you already know this vaporizer works without a battery, you would need an external heating source.

As far as possibilities go, you could even use a match to work your VapCap! Of course, it’s not an ideal solution since it might take a long time to heat up, will probably be unevenly distributed, and you will risk staining your cap in a very short period of time.

The same could happen with a classic soft flame lighter, so we recommend using a multiple flame butane torch lighter that will heat up your cap in no time.

Please note that due to shipping restrictions we don’t sell them in our store. Instead, you can find one at a tobacconist near you or use the empty lighter in the DynaVap M Starter Pack!

How to fill or re-fill your torch lighter

Before re-filling, you should bleed it out to make sure no extra butane remains inside.

To do this, just turn it upside down so you can see the filling valve. Then, press into its edge with a small screwdriver while holding it away from your face (remember: there is some butane residue in there!) until you stop hearing the hissing sound. Try to light it, you should not be able to start a flame.

To start re-filling, hold the torch lighter upside down. Press down the stem of your gas/butane can into the filling valve on the lighter for four to five seconds. Once you’re done, grasp your lighter for another 30 seconds until it warms up to room temperature before you start using it.

Refill Torch Lighter Butane DynaVap

Induction Heaters

There is yet an easier and quicker way! DynaVap has made things incredibly stress-free for their followers by developing their induction heater line, DynaTec with products like the Apollo 2 and Orion heaters.

These also have some cool tricks to them! Read on to find out what suits you best.

DynaVap Heating with DynaTec Apollo 2 Induction Heater

How to use your VapCap

Now that you have your kit in place, it’s time to learn how to use this device. Its simplicity will surely make you feel welcome in the DynaVap community right way.

Step 1: Fill the chamber

The first step to your session will be to remove the cap and fill the chamber with your material of choice. Tamp it down gently with the flat end of a ball point or chopstick. Make sure you don’t make it too tight so that you would have proper airflow.

You can choose to pre-grind your material, although the chamber is actually designed so you can avoid this step. Nevertheless, since these are used all over the world and different materials are vaped, we’d recommend using a coarse grind. Finely ground material could get through the screen and into the unit, with the potential to show up uninvited to the vapor party. Normally, a classic two- or four-part grinder like the Pengisar will work wonders.

If you’re pre-grinding your material, you can also insert your DynaVap (with cap removed) into your material container and suck in from the mouthpiece. This way, you won’t need any tamping whatsoever.

Once you’re done filling the chamber, you can put the cap back on and get ready to roll!

Listen to the clicks

The first and most important rule of DynaVap is: RESPECT. THE. CLICKS.

  • The clicks come in twos; one soft click and a louder one right after (this will happen in quick succession).
  • The first set of clicks will let you know when your VapCap is ready to hit once it’s reached its optimal temperature. This is the time to draw.
  • The second set of clicks, after about a minute, will be the indicator that your device has cooled down and is ready to be reheated.
  • Never continue heating your device for more than 2 seconds after the first click. You could permanently damage your device and most likely ruin your material.
  • Make sure you’re not re-heating before you hear the second set of clicks. If you miss hearing the cool down click, wait for a few minutes before you start over.
  • Every DynaVap is slightly different. We recommend that you try an empty burn on your device to get familiar and listen to your clicks.

Step 2: Heat your DynaVap

When using a torch lighter, you should make sure you’re holding your device at a 45-degree angle while keeping your heat source switched on the whole time. The VapCap should be about one and a half inches above the flames, any closer could risk scorching your material.

The Infinite Spin method is where you spin your vaporizer continuously using your index finger and thumb as you heat the device, until you hear that first set of clicks. You can also choose the Back & Forth method, done by sliding your DynaVap back and forth over the flame. However, we recommend the Infinite Spin method for beginners, as it will ensure the heat is evenly distributed and the device is performing at its best. Check out this video by DynaVap to see it in action. 

For those of you that already have DynaVaps, did you know there are other heating techniques for different results? If you’re focused on getting the best taste out of your material, try heating the tip near the crimp for you a more flavorful draw. If you’re opting for denser, more potent vapor, heat the tip closer to the base which will raise the temperature quicker.

When using a DynaVap induction heater, you can opt for different methods to play around with vapor density. Using the Pulsing method, pulse your device into the heater repeatedly until you hear the click. This will achieve a higher temperature for your VapCap. Another way would be the Skipping method, to get denser vapor. Once the first set of clicks goes off, instead of taking a hit, wait until it cools down and then re-heat again. Essentially you are drawing 2 hits in 1 drag.

DynaVap Vaporizer How to Use

Step 3: Get that perfect draw

Once you hear the clicks, take a slow and steady drag from the vaporizer mouthpiece. When you start using DynaVap’s M, you will see that it actually allows for multiple performance styles for each user to personalize their experience.

One of these features is the airflow resistance, which will create thicker or lighter clouds of vapor depending on your preference. To adjust this, you can simply use your index finger to cover the airports partially. You will find your perfect draw after some practice!

Step 4: Cooling down

After every draw, you will need to wait until those second clicks show up. If you’re trying to squeeze in a quick session and need to hurry, you can use a magnet, your DynaMag or a metal grinder to help cool your device faster.

The DynaMag is a small magnet integrated on the DynaStash that is an incredibly practical tool. It will come in handy to hold any VapCap upright, help remove a hot cap and even secure your DynaStash to any magnetic surface.

Make sure you never touch the cap until it has cooled down, otherwise you could risk an unpleasant burn in the middle of a very enjoyable moment.

Step 5: Emptying the chamber

After you’ve finished your session, remove the cap and empty the tip’s chamber simply by tapping on it upside down. You can use the digger-outer on the cap (the little protruding bit) to remove any excess material still stuck inside.

Before you store your device, give it a quick clean and do a deep clean every once in a while. This will ensure you’re getting the best experience every time and keep your DynaVap working great for years to come. More details in our DynaVap cleaning guide.

A lifelong vaporizer

All DynaVap devices have a uniquely strong build paired with an unbeatable design.

No detail is left unattended and if you take care of your vaporizer properly, you could easily have it working properly indefinitely. There’s a very low chance anything would go wrong with these devices.

If you’ve purchased a faulty device from us, get in touch and we’ll be glad to facilitate the process with DynaVap’s great customer service team.

DynaVap M Starter Pack 2020M Dynastash Lighter Maintenance

The “M” Starter Pack

Now, if you’re completely new to these off-the-grid devices, we recommend getting the DynaVap "M" Starter kit that was released as a convenient complete kit to the Dynaverse.

The “M” Starter Pack offers everything you need to work and maintain this device:

  • The DynaVap 2020 “M” - their latest "M" vaporizer
  • An empty Cyclone Triple Torch lighter designed for optimal heating results.
  • A DynaStash to store your device. It has a storage compartment and a DynaMag
  • DynaWax for before reassembling your device each time (works well on condenser O-rings and the tip before inserting the stem).
  • Extra O-rings 
  • One extra Circumferential Compression Diffuser (CCD) Screen.
  • Cotton pipe cleaners to take care of your vaporizer’s maintenance.
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