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DynaVap Tips: Adjust-A-Bowl & Heating Techniques


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Not sure where to start unlocking the full potential of your DynaVap aromatherapy vaporizer? Chief Baker is here to the rescue! This article is part of a series where we answer the most commonly asked questions about features in your DynaVap vaporizers and accessories. 

Whether you're new to DynaVap or a seasoned user, there's something here for everyone. Jump to the section that you seek, my friend!

For the newbies to the DynaVerse, we recommend checking out our Dynavap Guide first to learn the ins and outs of using this unique battery-free device.

DynaVap Tip #1 : How to Adjust-A-Bowl?

All DynaVap Tips, except the Stainless Steel “B” Tip, come with a handy Adjust-A-Bowl feature. The Tips’ extraction chamber features two micro ridges that allow you to customise the dosing chamber size according to your liking. The half bowl setting is roughly 0.05g and the full bowl can hold 0.1g of aromatherapy dry herbs. 

To make the most out of your DynaVap vaporizer's Adjust-A-Bowl feature, whether you have the Stainless Steel Tip or the Titanium Tip, follow these easy steps.

  1. Start by disassembling the device. Remove the Tip and Cap from your device. 
    For the M devices : use the Digger-Outer (that’s the little tail on your Cap) to remove the condenser. 
    For the Omni devices : simply pull to remove. 
  2. Make sure that the CCD screen is sitting in the Tip in its lowest position which is the usual CCD fit. 
  3. Take your condenser and insert it into the bottom of the Tip.
  1. To reduce bowl size : use your fingertip to cover the front of the Tip to prevent the CCD from escaping when you make adjustments. Insert your condenser into the bottom of the Tip, and push gently. You'll feel and perhaps even hear the CCD snap right into position. 
    If you're working with a pre-2021 Titanium Tip,there are 3 levels of sizes, so simply repeat the process a few more times.
  2. To increase bowl size : insert the condenser into the front of the Tip, and push gently. You’ll feel and hear the CCD snap into position.
DynaVap Adjust a Bow Half bowl full bowl

DynaVap Tip #2: How to fix a bent DynaVap CCD?

If your DynaVap CCD screens gets a little bent during the adjustment process, don't worry; it's an easy fix. Simply use your condenser tube like a rolling pin and roll the CCD flat, flipping it over and rolling the other side if needed. It'll be as good as new.

The key to mastering this adjustment is to rely on your sense of touch and feel. It might take a few tries, but practice makes perfect, and soon you'll be adjusting your CCD with ease and precision, ensuring a customised and satisfying vaping experience. 

So, give it a shot, and enjoy a tailored DynaVap session like a pro! 

DynaVap Tip #3 : Precision Heating Tips with Induction Heater

Ask anyone in the DynaFam for one of the best hacks on optimising hits from the DynaVap; often they’ll say to use an induction heater. If you want to conquer clouds with finesse, read on.

Starting with the basics, what is an induction heater? An induction heater utilises electromagnetic induction to generate heat, much like an induction cooktop would. This technology is a user-favourite to heat DynaVap devices. 

Using a portable, battery powered heating device like this saves you a lot of headache. Say farewell to fumbling with lighters, exposing yourself to flames, and the hassle of butane refills as induction technology takes center stage.

YLL Induction Heater 2.0
The YLL Induction Heater 2.0

Induction heaters provide different heating styles, allowing you to tailor your sessions with adjustable power and strategic placement. The enhanced temperature control ensures you’re always heating dry herbs to the ideal range,  just before combustion. Enjoy superior vapor each and every single time. 

Without having to worry about where to direct your flames, you can get different effects by adjusting how deep or shallow your DynaVap Cap is heated in the chamber. Ditch the two-handed, twirling approach and simply insert your DynaVap into the induction heating chamber and await the satisfying click!

Mastering the art of torch heating involves navigating a learning curve before achieving the desired hits with your DynaVap. Questions like which part of the Cap to heat, how to rotate the stem, and the optimal flame proximity can be a puzzle - which we will guide you on further down the page. Or, you can eliminate all the guesswork with an induction heater. 

This is the way to go if you’re looking for easiest to use, most consistent, quick heat-up times, and precise temperature control for a more efficient and reliable vaping experience with your DynaVap. 

How to use the Wand by iSpire with your DynaVap?

Originally made for dabbing, the Wand by iSpire is a high-performance induction heater for your DynaVap aromatherapy vaporizer. Using the iSpire Wand is straightforward. It features an induction chamber, a fire button for powering on and initiating the heating sequence, and up and down buttons for temperature control. Hold both buttons simultaneously to effortlessly switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

You have two primary options for heating your DynaVap with the iSpire Wand: with or without the DynaVap adapter kit.

The Wand Induction Heater

To use it with the adapter kit

  1. Install the DynaVap adapter by inserting the open end (wider end of the adapter) from behind the Wand’s induction chamber. Firmly press until it is snug.
  2. Press the fire button twice to activate auto mode. The chamber light will flash orange. Insert your DynaVap vaporizer into the heating chamber. The adapter will hold your DynaVap in place.
  3. Wait to hear that reassuring click sound before removing it immediately.

To use it without the adapter kit

  1. Insert the Dynavap vaporizer into the induction chamber without pushing too far in. You can get a visual approximation by checking that the Crimp of your Captive Cap is aligned with the edge of the chamber. It should not stick out beyond the chamber. IMPORTANT TIP : Hover your DynaVap in the hole, do not let your DynaVap Cap touch the inside of the chamber. It’s like a game of ‘Operation’. 
  2. You do not need to rotate your DynaVap when using the iSpire Wand. Simply hold your vaporizer in place in the heating chamber while the Wand does its magic.
  3. Wait to hear the click sound, then remove it immediately.

The iSpire Wand is a portable powerhouse that not only elevates your DynaVap experience but can also be used for dabbing, adding versatility to your vaping toolkit. Users have hailed it as a game-changer for its ability to heat dry herbs to that sweet spot just before combustion, delivering the ideal vapor production. 

Give it a try following our suggested tips, and achieve the perfect vapor consistency for your DynaVap vaporizer sessions.

DynaVap Tip #4 : Basic Heating Tips with Torch Lighter

When it comes to getting the most out of your DynaVap vaporizer, a few key heating tips and techniques can make a world of difference in your vaping experience. Whether you're using an induction heater, a trusty triple jet torch or a single flame torch lighter, it all starts with a basic understanding of how to heat your DynaVap for those dense vapor clouds.

Heat placement

Keep in mind the key principle from the folks at DynaVap -

"Heat the tip of the Cap for a tasty rip or heat the base to launch to space"

Heating the top of the Cap, located near the end of the cap with the Crimp, is where you'll get the most flavourful draw. Smooth, silky and tasty. 

On the other hand, heating the base at the bottom of the Cap will deliver a higher temperature, resulting in denser, more potent clouds of vapor.

DynaVap heated up with torch lighter

With a butane triple torch lighter like the Cyclone Triple Torch, you have the flexibility to achieve precise heating that suits your preferences. The triple torch configuration, with one jet at the top and two at the bottom, provides a more forgiving and consistent approach to heating.

By adjusting the positioning of the jets, users can achieve precise control over their DynaVap experience:

Low temperature vaping - For those who appreciate a cooler, more nuanced vaping experience, start by adjusting the jets. Have two jets face towards the top end of the cap, and one slightly lower. Apply heat at a 45-degree angle, and you'll notice that satisfying click a bit sooner. 

The result? Vapor that's not only cooler but teeming with rich flavours. With some practice, you can fine-tune this technique to suit your preferences perfectly.

High temperature vaping - Now, if you're in the mood for more intense, dense vapor, simply reverse the jet positions. Position two jets towards the bottom and one at the top applied at a 45-degree angle. It will take a bit longer for that anticipated click due to the increased distance, but the payoff is worth it. 

You'll experience a dense, satisfying vapor that guarantees a full extraction, leaving nothing to waste.

Distance and rotation

For beginners, we recommend the Infinite Spin rotation technique. That means when applying heat to your DynaVap vaporizer, rotate it in one continuous direction. Whether clockwise or counter-clockwise, it doesn’t matter. Just ensure that it is the same direction throughout the rotation. This will allow for more consistent, even, heating. 

Here’s the full low down:

  1. Aim two jets of the torch at the tip or base of the Cap depending on whether you want lower or higher temperature vaping.
    Take note of the distance between the jets and the Cap, keeping the torch about 4cm (1.5 inches) from the Cap. You want to hover it above the jets like roasting a marshmallow instead of burying the Cap in the flame to prevent scorching. 
  2. Hold your device at a 45-degree angle while keeping the torch switched on the whole time.
  3. Using your index finger and thumb, rotate it in one direction.
  4. Rotating slower is better especially if you’re chasing dense clouds.
    Do note it is normal for the first heating cycle with fresh aromatherapy herbs to lack dense vapor. It’s because the tip hasn’t been heat-soaked all the way yet. Vapor potency has a cumulative effect and consecutive heating cycles will produce denser vapor.

Mastering the art of using a triple torch lighter with your DynaVap device can unlock consistent results and a world of flavour.  It's a testament to why it's included as a staple in the DynaVap Starter Kit.

DynaVap Tip #5 :Advanced Heating Tips with Single Torch Lighter

Once you’re already comfortable with your triple torch technique, it’s time to graduate to the single torch! For those who are ready to level up their DynaVap experience, mastering advanced heating techniques with a single flame torch can be a game-changer. 

There are two primary methods for rotating the VapCap: the Infinite Spin and the Back-and-Forth, but the Infinite Spin shines when working with a single torch, ensuring even and precise heating.

DynaVap heated up single torch lighter

If you're seeking an extended session, this method allows you to savour the full spectrum of flavours throughout your experience:

  1. To kick off your session, focus the torch's heat right on the crimp of the Cap while rotating in Infinite Spin. This position guarantees the most flavourful vapor, making each draw a true delight. 
  2. As you hear that satisfying click, be ready to take your first draw. 
  3. Do this one to two times, then gradually work your way down the cap, heating and drawing with each section.

For those who crave quick, dense vapor clouds, there's a trick to it. Use these steps to get full extraction in fewer draws:

  1. Position the torch at the base of the cap, just where the "V" in the lettering is located while performing the Infinite Spin rotation.
  2. As you heat, right before the click, pull away for a second or two, then reintroduce the heat.
  3. Continue to rotate until you hear the click and take your hit.

This second approach extends the heat-up cycle, ensuring a higher temperature inside the chamber and the rapid extraction of all the compounds in just one to two heating cycles. It's a swift and efficient method, perfect for cloud chasers and those who want to extract every bit of goodness in a flash.

How to Troubleshoot and Refill Your Butane Torch Lighter

Filling and troubleshooting your butane torch lighter is a skill every DynaVap enthusiast should have in their arsenal. Let's break down the steps to ensure your torch is primed for action.

To refill your torch:

  1. Use a small, thin object like a coin and turn the fuel height adjuster, typically found at the bottom of the torch. Turn it all the way to the negative end to lower the fuel height to the minimum.
  2. Hold your high-quality filtered butane vertically, nozzle facing downwards and insert the fuel nozzle into the bottom of your torch. It is important to ensure that the butane is held vertically and not at an angle.
  3. Press down, and within seconds, your torch will be ready to go.

After refilling, you might notice the exterior temperature of your lighter is cooler. Let your torch come up to room temperature, which usually takes about three minutes. 

Once it's ready, fine-tune the fuel height for optimal performance. Raise it to the maximum, then slowly lower it until you hear sputtering. 

This process may require a few repetitions, but you'll find that sweet spot where you get efficient performance without excessive fuel consumption.

DynaVap with Torch Lighter

Is your triple torch not performing? To troubleshoot your butane torch lighter:

  1. Take a small thin object like a coin and turn the fuel height adjuster, typically found at the bottom of the torch.
  2. Move the object to the positive end of the fuel height adjuster to increase flame height. This increases the fuel to the jets and improves the chances of ignition.
  3. Light the torch and you should have a nice steady flame.

And what if your torch lighter is still not performing? You need to do a complete purge and refill. The DynaStash ER can be your trusty companion for this task. 

Purge your torch by using a small, pointy object like the sharp end of your stash tool to press into the fuel nozzle on the bottom of your torch and lower the pressure by releasing the excess fuel. Any hissing sounds are normal, it’s the fuel and propellant escaping the tank. If your tank still has some fuel left, this process may take a few minutes to ensure it's completely purged. Once that step is done, it’s time to refill your torch and you’ll be blazing in no time!

Please note that due to shipping restrictions we ship torch lighters without butane. You can usually find butane refill gas canisters from your local hardware store, supermarket or tobacconists. 

Purchasing from Pocket Ovens means you’re choosing 100% authentic dry herb aromatherapy devices and accessories backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. If you're located outside Malaysia like Thailand & the rest of Asia including India, Indonesia, Philippines, and even Australia, we offer customs clearance insurance to guarantee your order arrives to you smoothly. 

Get in touch with us if you have any issues.

How to Heat Your DynaVap Device with a Regular Lighter

Even if you don’t have a fancy torch lighter or induction heater, you can still enjoy your DynaVap devices. That’s the beauty of this electricity-free dry herb vaporizer. As long as you have the most common source of heat – a lighter - be it a BIC, Cricket, Clipper or Yeepi lighter, it's perfectly capable of getting your VapCap ready for action. 

As with any heating method, technique matters. Let's start with the correct way to heat your DynaVap vaporizer with a regular lighter. 

  1. Bury the Cap of your DynaVap vaporizer deep into the flame, almost to the bottom of the flame source.
  2. As you do, watch to make sure you see little to no yellow flame
  3. Now, here's the trick – rotate it slowly, allowing the device to bask in the heat. 
    This method not only minimises the carbon or soot that might accumulate on the cap but also doesn't take much longer than a torch lighter. The only thing you'll need is a wind-free environment, and you're all set!

However, let's also talk about the incorrect approach. Never heat the Dynavap vaporizer Cap with the top of the flame, the yellow, fiery part. Don’t heat it like you would light a cigarette! The Cap would immediately turn black with soot. Although, the soot is only cosmetic and does not affect the performance of your DynaVap device! 

Our advice is to stick with the right method, and you'll enjoy a clean and flavourful vaping experience with your DynaVap, even when using a regular lighter.

Mastering Your DynaVap Takes Time

But trust us, you will be grateful that you put in the time and effort to learn these simple tricks to enhance your use.

We hope that with this blog post, you can tailor your DynaVap experience to suit your preferences, whether it's for a leisurely flavour exploration or quick, dense vapor clouds. 

Experiment with these techniques, and you'll discover a new level of enjoyment with your DynaVap aromatherapy device. From precision heating to torch lighter expertise, you're on your way to becoming a DynaVap pro. 

DynaVap M Guide Tips & Tricks

Stay tuned for part 2 of our DynaVap Tips series. Should you find yourself needing more help after reading our guides, reach out to Pocket Ovens using the chat function or email us for any assistance. 

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