Pocket Ovens Lightning Grinder 50-60mm

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Pocket Ovens

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Customs Clearance Insurance

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If your order does not clear customs (seized, lost or returned), POCKETOVENS.COM will do one of the following:

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  2. Refund the order, excluding shipping cost, Customs Clearance Insurance cost and any transaction fees.

Failure to pay customs duties or import taxes imposed will not activate this insurance.

Add some color and style to your sessions with Pocket Ovens Lightning Grinder. Available in 2 sizes - 50mm or 60mm diameter, this grinder has a clear top so you get the best view in town!

The Lightning Grinder can be separated into 4 individual parts. When combined, there 3 compartments - Grinding, Storing and the 'Catcher'. The bottom gauze acts as a pollen catcher and will teach you the benefit of saving and the virtue of patience. Check the compartment after long usage for that extra sparkle.

There are slight design differences between the Small and Large. The Large 60mm option is only available in the Black-Blue combo (choose variant Large - Black) and has a groove on the outside for ergonomic grinding. 

Made from super-strong anodized aluminum and stainless steel, this grinder will last you a long time. The lid is secured with a magnetic close to prevent accidents. As always, we must remind you to keep it clean and regularly maintained to prevent jams and screeches! The Pocket Ovens Lightning Grinder is wrapped in plastic and packed in a small cardboard box.

Height: 42mm
Diameter: 50mm
Weight: 30g

Height: 45mm
Diameter: 60mm
Weight: 50g 

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