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Whip & Balloon replacement parts and accessories for Arizer desktop devices - XQ2, Extreme Q, V-Tower. Balloon parts are meant for the XQ2 and Extreme Q. Keep your equipment running smooth with good maintenance!

Arizer Replacement Balloon Pack (not for V-Tower)
Original replacement balloons for the Arizer desktop vaporizers. Over time, prolonged use may wear the balloons out or get dirty. It's plays a major role in your vaping experience and taste so having some clean and fresh bags ready is critical!

6 food grade bags/balloons for the Arizer XQ2 or Extreme Q vaporizers. Glass 
mouthpieces are NOT included.

Arizer Balloon Connector
Quickly and easily replace Bags/Balloons to your preferred size.

Includes: 1 x Balloon Connector
Compatibility: Glass Balloon Mouthpiece, Replacement Balloon Pack

Arizer Glass Balloon Mouthpiece
Borosilicate Glass Balloon Mouthpiece with 11mm male glass-on-glass connection.

Includes: 1 x Glass Balloon Mouthpiece
Compatibility: Glass Mini Whip, Glass Mini Whip w./ Glass Screen

Arizer 3' Whip
Whip assembly for Direct Draw and convenient 360° swivel action. 

Includes: 3′ High quality Food/Medical grade tubing, with attached Glass Elbow Adapter (19mm male), Dome Screen, and Glass Whip Mouthpiece

Compatibility: Glass Connoisseur Bowl, Glass Cyclone Bowl, Glass Tuff Bowl (on devices -  XQ2, Extreme Q, V-Tower)

Tubing Type: SIlicone

Arizer Glass Whip Mouthpiece
Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece for the Whip System

Includes: 1 x Glass Whip Mouthpiece
Compatibility: 3′ Whip, Hose/Tubing (9 Feet)

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