DaVinci Dosing Capsules & Kits (Miqro Series)

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Learn more about why Dosing Capsules are incredibly useful to ensure consistent vapor performance in our blog article. Best part, it makes aromatherapy vaporizer cleaning and maintenance much easier. The dosing capsules and accessories on this page are for the DaVinci Miqro-C or the Davinci Miqro aromatherapy vaporizers.

DaVinci Miqro Stainless Steel Dosing Capsule

Each dosing capsule loads roughly 0.15g. Easily swap out dosing capsules on the go or use some capsules for different aromatherapy herbs. Stainless steel has great conduction qualities allowing for a fast heat up and retention. The DaVinci Miqro Stainless Steel dosing capsules will give you a cleaner oven, quicker loading, precise doses, and faster heating.   

Each dosing capsule has a washable silicone case to keep it safe and travel friendly! Compatible with both the MiqroC and Miqro. 


  • DaVinci Miqro series Stainless Steel¬†Dosing Capsules x 6
  • DaVinci Dosing Capsule¬†silicone covers x 6


DaVinci Miqro Dosing Capsule Holder

The companion to your DaVinci Miqro. Store 6 dosing capsules in this sturdy and custom holder. Designed with a similar shape to the Miqro, the DaVinci Dosing Capsules Holder is made from brushed aluminium and equipped with an picking and packing tool. Use the tool to remove hot pods or to tamp gently when refilling your pods with aromatherapy herbs.

*Dosing capsules sold separately.


  • Dosing Capsule¬†holder x 1
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