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PAX Plus vs Pax Mini Comparison Pocket Ovens

PAX Plus vs PAX Mini Ultimate Showdown

Two ultra-stylish aromatherapy vaporizers show down in this article, the PAX Plus and PAX Mini. What’s the difference? Is it just a size thing? Which is better? Don’t be perplexed, grab some snacks, and let Chief Baker help you unpack the PAX.

PAX Plus & PAX Mini Overview

PAX needs no introduction in the aromatherapy vaporizer world. Since its debut in 2012, PAX vaporizers have become synonymous with stylish, reliable and discreet vaporizing.

Released in late 2022, the PAX Plus replaces the PAX 3 as the flagship vaporizer from PAX. The PAX Mini serves as the entry-level model in the PAX series, also appealing to the more budget-conscious amongst us. 

PAX Plus and PAX Mini lineup
PAX Plus and PAX Mini lineup

PAX Plus & PAX Mini : Similarities

Discreet Vaping

These conduction vaporizers share the same well-known PAX DNA and single-button setup as their predecessors. There are no buttons on the soft matte, satin finish surface. Instead, four petal-shaped LEDs at the front and a magnetic charging connector in the back complete the aesthetic. 

The chassis is made of anodized aluminium which works as a heatsink to keep this small device at optimal temperatures. Not only that, it makes the PAX Plus and PAX Mini look super discreet. The PAX vaporizers easily fit in the palm of your hand,  making it so comfortable to use the PAX anywhere, anytime. 

PAX Vaporizers take and go
Take your PAX with you wherever you go

High Quality, High Tech

The PAX Plus and PAX Mini aromatherapy vaporizers deliver an Apple-esque level of high quality and smooth user experience. Just press the mouthpiece to turn it on, and sip from the top. Both vaporizers deliver pure and flavourful vapor thanks to the clean air path.  Made from medical-grade stainless steel, the vapor path along the oven to the mouthpiece is sealed and separated from internal components.

Another feature these two PAX siblings share is the standby mode. There are built-in sensors that will detect when the PAX is held to your lips, or when you set it down. Doing the latter will put the PAX in standby mode and trigger the automatic cooldown. Denoted by Blue pulsing LED petals, standby mode saves your battery and your aromatherapy material. The PAX vaporizer will return to vaping temperature when it is moved or when you begin to inhale. Go with your flow and take your time. 

The only tech that we don’t like on the PAX Plus and PAX Mini is the proprietary magnetic charging pins that PAX decided to keep. It still works good, but does take some getting used to. 

Easy to Clean

PAX Labs continuously refine their vaporizers based on customer inputs. The PAX Plus and PAX Mini vaporizers are no exception – a refreshing change introduced is the stainless-steel 3D oven screens included with both devices. 

These screens sit at the bottom of the oven and get dirty over time from the build-up of oil or residue. With a raised metal design, the 3D screens are easier to remove, clean and maintain. There are small holes in the screens too, which improve airflow to your oven.
Read more on how to clean your PAX device in our cleaning guide.

PAX Plus 3D Oven Screen
PAX Plus 3D Oven Screen

Portable & Quick Heat Up

PAX fans’ love for these devices boils down to the minimalist design with maximum efficiency. Both the PAX Plus and PAX Mini are super portable. The vaporizers stand just under 10cm tall and 3.2cm wide making them a great fit in your palm and pocket. The PAX Mini is only slightly shorter so you won’t be able to tell unless comparing them side by side.  

Both the PAX Plus and the PAX Mini heat up super quick, optimal for on-the-go users. Heat-up takes 20-25 seconds on the PAX Mini and 20-30 seconds on the PAX Plus. This is a minor difference between the two PAX vaporizers so let’s now get to what really separates the PAX Plus from the PAX Mini. 

PAX Plus vs PAX Mini: What Are The Differences?

Pocket Ovens PAX Plus PAX Mini Comparison

The PAX Plus is a dual-use aromatherapy vaporizer that comes with a bigger oven, four Experience modes and more accessories. 

The PAX Mini, as its name implies, is a scaled-down version of the PAX Plus and only compatible with dry herb. The PAX Mini has a smaller oven and only one optimised heating mode.  Standing only 0.5cm (0.2 inches) shorter and 2 grams lighter than the PAX Plus, the PAX Mini vaporizer is still as effective in delivering punchy vapor. Let’s get into the details…

Heat Settings

PAX Plus: 4 Experience Modes

The PAX Plus delivers rich, tasty vapor that extracts optimal benefits out of your material. Unlike most vaporizers where you manually set temperatures or choose a fixed heat level, the PAX Plus has four intelligent heat settings. They’re called “Experience Modes”, named after what you want in your session. 

PAX Plus 4 Heat Settings Experience Modes Pocket Ovens

Choose from either Stealth, Efficiency, Flavour or Boost modes. The modes adjust temperatures between 175 °C – 220°C. To select an Experience Mode on the PAX Plus vaporizer, long press the button and the LED petals change to show the current mode. Short-press the button to cycle through the modes and shake the device or long press once you have selected your desired mode.

PAX Mini: Single Heat Mode

The PAX Mini uses conduction heating method as well but with a single temperature mode. Don’t worry though, the PAX Mini’s heat mode is intelligent enough to adapt to your style. It is equipped with a sensor to detect when you inhale through your mouthpiece. 

This intelligent heating system starts at 190°C (374°F) every session. As you begin inhaling, the temperature progresses up to 210°C (410°F) automatically ramping based on the strength of your draws. The vapor from PAX Mini is light but still delicious and packs a punch. For a stronger session, take longer and slower draws to activate the heat ramp-up. The PAX Mini is like driving an automatic transmission car, maximising simplicity. You can just focus on your feels.

PAX Plus : Larger, adjustable oven size

On top of the heat settings, the PAX Plus provides flexibility to adjust your herb intake with the included half-pack oven lid accessory. The PAX Half-Pack Oven Lid reduces the size of the oven chamber so you can use less material, while still ensuring a tightly packed oven. The PAX Plus user has more options and control over sessions. It’s pretty convenient for micro-dosing and if you want to conserve your aromatherapy herbs. Long-time vaporizer lovers will appreciate the versatility and power that the PAX Plus can offer.

Pax Plus Oven Chamber
PAX Plus Oven Chamber

The oven chamber capacity of PAX Mini is 0.35 grams, and is only compatible with dry aromatherapy herbs. This is enough for an average solo session or light users who don’t vaporize daily. It’s going to save your botanicals in the long run too, as the PAX Mini operates very efficiently even though you’re packing less. Though smaller than the PAX Plus, the oven size is comparable to other portable aromatherapy vaporizers such as the Mighty+, DaVinci MiqroC or the Arizer Solo 2.

PAX Plus is Concentrate Ready

The PAX Concentrate Insert, included with the PAX Plus, turns it into a dual-use vaporizer. The concentrate insert can be used to switch from vaporizing dry herbs to concentrates, without having to switch vaporizers. 

The PAX Mini is only compatible with dry aromatherapy herbs and the concentrate insert does not fit the Mini’s smaller oven. 

PAX Plus concentrate insert
PAX Plus concentrate insert


PAX Plus [10 years] vs PAX Mini [2 years]

Quite possibly the best value-add to the PAX Plus’ higher price is the 10-year warranty. 10 years of worry free vaping! This is a true reflection of PAX Labs’ dedication to quality and high standards. Additionally, the PAX Mini comes with a 2-year warranty which is respectable nevertheless. 

As with all Pocket Ovens dry herb aromatherapy devices, we guarantee 100% authenticity. If you're located outside Malaysia, we offer customs clearance insurance to guarantee your order arrives to you smoothly. Get in touch with us if you have any issues and we’ll facilitate the process. 

Battery Runtime

PAX Mini : Same battery, longer runtime

Although both devices are equipped with the same built-in 3,300 mAh battery, the PAX Mini averages a few more sessions than the PAX Plus. 

PAX Labs claims 2 hours of runtime on both devices but user reviews find it to be about 80-100 minutes on the PAX Mini and 75-90 minutes on the PAX Plus.  Being a smaller form with lower heating power, the PAX Mini is less demanding on the battery hence the extended runtime.

PAX Mini in Silver
PAX Mini in Silver

What's In The Box?

More accessories with the PAX Plus

If the PAX Concentrate Insert wasn’t enough, there are also extra PAX 3D Oven Screens and a handy PAX Multi-Tool for packing and unpacking with the PAX Plus. The tool is curved to fit the oven like a glove, so no scratches!

PAX Plus PAX Mini Comparison Table Pocket Ovens

The PAX Mini vaporizer is more affordable

For a high-end vaporizer brand, PAX Labs leaves nobody behind with the PAX Mini. At the lower price point, the PAX Mini delivers more for less. Consider it a wallet friendly way to introduce yourself to the PAX world.

PAX Plus & PAX Mini vs PAX 3

The PAX Plus and PAX Mini ditch the smartphone app compatibility for temperature control found in PAX 3. Not to worry though PAX 3 owners, the PAX App is still available for your device. 

The PAX Plus and PAX Mini have simplified temperature controls, compared to the PAX 3’s precise temperature setting through the app. On the PAX 3, the temperatures of each mode are also fixed meaning you would need to change the mode to increase the heat. 

With the PAX Plus, the temperatures change dynamically as you progress through your bowl. Simply let the device do its thing. Definitely more intuitive than the PAX 3. The PAX Plus pulses the colour of “Experience Mode” selected when the device is heating up. In case you forget, having a visual confirmation of your selected mode is awesome.

Looks-wise, the PAX Plus has rounder edges and bigger LED petals. PAX Labs interviewed customers to ensure they were innovating in the right direction. Based on popular demand, the PAX Plus and PAX Mini are also designed to be easier to clean than the PAX 3. Oven cleaning is facilitated by the 3D oven screens which have raised edges and airflow holes. This makes it easier to remove compared to PAX 3’s flat metal screens.

To get compatibility with concentrates with the PAX 3, users had to purchase the Complete kit rather than the Basic version (or buy accessories separately). The PAX Plus comes with the PAX Concentrate Insert included, so it’s a huge plus for concentrate lovers. 

Which one is for me? PAX Plus or PAX Mini?

If you still find yourself asking “Which PAX is for me?”, we’ve simplified it in this quick quiz. Answer these Yes or No questions to help guide your purchase:

  • Do you want a vaporizer that can be used with both concentrates and dry herbs?
  • Do you often vaporize in social settings? Or have longer sessions?
  • Do you want more temperature control over your sessions?
  • Is it important for you to have a larger oven (more than 0.35 grams)?
  • Do you prefer using dosing capsules like BudKups to keep your oven cleaner?

If you answered mostly “Yes”, then the PAX Plus may be what you’re looking for. Heavier users will enjoy the variety of features the PAX Plus offers. It’s convenient, customisable and delivers consistent vapor that will satisfy most vaporizer users.

If you answered mostly “No”, the PAX Mini is your best bet. PAX Mini is a great option if you’re on a budget, a beginner or an average light user. The simplicity of use ensures you won’t need to break a sweat.

There's a device out there that will fit perfectly to your needs. Get in touch with us using the chat or email for any assistance, we are ever ready to help. If you found this helpful or want our articles fresh out the oven 😉, sign up for our mailing list below! 

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