PAX 3 LED Petal Lights Guide and Secret Games

PAX 3 LED Petals Light Guide & Secret Games

The PAX 3 uses 4 LED indicators that change colors, pulse, blink and dance around to speak to you. There are also 3 secret games that you can play using the LED petals, jump to the bottom of this article if you’re here for that!

About PAX vaporizers

PAX Labs has been building iconic aromatherapy vaporizers with high-quality build, great vapor clouds backed by an incredible 10 year warranty since 2012. 

The PAX 3 aromatherapy vaporizer has long been a favourite but as of late 2022, the PAX Plus vaporizer replaces it as the flagship device of the brand. A smaller PAX Mini has also been introduced as an entry-level vaporizer. Read more on the two latest devices from PAX here.

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Powering Up Your PAX 3

PAX 3 Power Up Pocket Ovens

Upon powering on, the PAX 3 petals will go through the following patterns:

Startup - White lights will swirl around

Heating in Progress - Purple lights flowing upwards (up-wave) 

Ready to Use - Green lights pulsing

Temperature Settings (Multi-color)

Enter the temperature selection mode by pressing and holding the mouthpiece button for a few seconds. In this mode, the LED petals on the PAX 3 show one of 4 preset temperatures.

PAX 3 Temperature Settings Pocket Ovens

Short-press the mouthpiece button to move to the next temperature. Shake the device (or hold the button for a few seconds) to exit temp set mode. 

Remember, low temps get you more flavour and higher temps produce more vapor.

Battery Indicators (White / Red)

PAX 3 Battery Indicators Pocket Ovens

Gently shake your PAX 3 vaporizer to check your battery life. The PAX 3 petals will turn white and indicate the battery level. Each petal corresponds to 25% battery level eg. 4 lights indicate between 75% - 100% of battery.

When the PAX 3 is low on battery, the upper-left petal will blink red three times. Get your charger out, it's time to plug your pocket oven in!

If we could have one wish, it would be to have a petal indicator when cleaning is due on your PAX 3 aromatherapy vaporizer!

PAX 3 Low Battery Pocket Ovens

Standby Indicator (Blue)

If you don't use or move the PAX 3 for more than 30 seconds, it will vibrate once and enter standby mode. Petals turn blue and wave in a downwards motion.

Standby mode helps to preserve your material by cooling the oven. Simply moving the vaporizer or touching the mouthpiece will reactivate the heat. The PAX 3 switches off after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Customize with the PAX App

Change your PAX 3 Petals color mode using the PAX App, which has 4 preset color palettes; Default, Ocean, Sunset and Mars. Check out the Pocket Ovens PAX App Guide to learn more about personalisation and customisation!

PAX 3 Games

To put the PAX 3 device into game mode, hold the device flat with the petals facing upwards, all games are played with the device in this position. 

PAX 3 vaporizer rotate to play games
Roll the PAX 3 three times to activate the games

In the game position, roll the device forward three times. You’ll want to do it pretty precisely otherwise it will just display the battery life. 

The first game that shows up is PAXspin, roll the device 3 times again to go to PAXrun and another triple roll to enter PAXsays. You can also easily select a game through the Android and Web PAX app without rolling the PAX 3 physically. 

To exit game mode, turn off the device or deselect the selected game on the PAX app. When in game mode, the LED petals do not display the heating state or charging. 

During game mode, an additional temperature option, "Oven Off," becomes available in temp set mode. "Oven Off" is indicated by four blue LED petals when cycling through temperatures in temp set mode. The "Oven Off" selection allows you to play PAXspin without wasting material or draining significant battery life. Entering either PAXrun or PAXsays will automatically select "Oven Off" to prevent wasting material. Let’s go through the games in more detail.

PAX Spin

1 petal is illuminated the brightest. Shake the device left or right to spin the lights around. The lights spin according to the speed of your shake then slow down and stop. You can use PAXspin to play ‘spin-the-bottle’ or try aiming for a particular end petal and see who can get it.

Get creative!

PAX 3 Spin game Pocket Ovens


Play a fast-paced Pacman styled game with four petals. The game starts by showing a yellow petal, which is you. It will then show a red or blue petal that you must avoid. This ‘ghost’ petal will start to move towards the yellow and you must tilt the device according to where you want the yellow petal to go. Avoid all colors except white, which is a power up that gives you the ability to eat other colored petals. The power up lasts for 3 seconds, indicated by the other petal turning dark blue. Eating a dark blue petal takes you to the next level, where the ghost petals now move faster.

You start with 5 lives

Eat a white petal to power up

Eat 4 colored petals and +1 life

The device blinks all four petals yellow once for every life you have remaining after losing a life. Losing all your lives restarts the game. Entering temp set mode or exiting PAXrun pauses the PAXrun game.

PAX Run Game Pocket Ovens

PAX Says

This classic game was introduced since the original PAX 1! A memory based game where your PAX 3 petals show a sequence of lights which you then must reproduce by tilting your device according to the lights.

The game starts with a random sequence of 3 lights. If you get it right, the PAX 3 LED petals pulse white and you move on to the next level. Now, the sequence consists of 4 lights. The game goes on until you get a sequence wrong, indicated by the PAX 3 LED petals pulsing red. Let us know in the comments what level you can get to!

PAX Says Game Pocket Ovens

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