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PAX Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

PAX Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Protect your investment! The PAX Plus and PAX Mini is a precision device. It’s important to clean and maintain PAX regularly, every 5 - 10 uses at least, to keep it in top performance. Neglecting to clean the device could lead to a clogged vapor path, making it harder to draw from the device and ruining your aromatherapy experience. We’ve split this guide into a quick clean routine and a deep clean routine. 

QUICK CLEAN: 90-second Routine

Recommended at the end of each day or better yet at end of each session.

  1. Empty Oven : remove all material from the PAX aromatherapy vaporizers. Brush the oven and lid to remove any debris. Using dosing capsules like BudKups makes it much easier since you only need to pull out the container.
  2. Wash Mouthpiece : Run the mouthpiece under the tap and use your fingers to gently massage it. Let dry completely.
  3. Inspect PAX : check the vapor path openings and the oven to monitor any build-up of oil or residue. It's just an inspection to plan the next deep clean. You don’t want it to get too bad!

DEEP CLEAN: 15-minute Routine

PAX 3 Cleaning

Recommended every 10-15 uses or when you notice buildup during quick clean routine. 

1. Disassemble PAX

Take the mouthpiece and oven lid off. Pop out the PAX screen by inserting a pipe cleaner (from the included Maintenance Kit) all the way through the vapor path. Get your other PAX mouthpiece, oven lid and concentrate insert too, if you use them.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol or Warm Soapy Water 

Soak the mouthpieces, screens and concentrate chamber (without the oven lid) in a bowl with some Isopropyl Alcohol (a.k.a. ISO, IPA, rubbing alcohol) like the Swish.

Submerge for 30 mins -  1 hour.

Warm soapy water works as well, but would require a longer soaking time.

Once you remove the components, use a cotton bud or swap to scrub any nooks and crannies to dislodge any residue.

Rinse with water, and let dry.

Never submerge the oven lids.

3. Floss the Vapor Path

Dip a pipe cleaner or cleaning brush in some Isopropyl Alcohol and insert it in the vapor path.

Move it back and forth, flossing the vapor path to remove any oils and residue.

4. Swab and Wipe

Moisten a cotton swab or cotton bud with Isopropyl Alcohol (or warm soapy water).

Wipe the inside of the oven, top of the device and oven lids.

5. Burnoff

Before your next use, perform a burnoff to burn any residual cleaning solution in your PAX Plus or PAX Mini device.

With an empty oven, turn on your PAX to the highest temperature setting and let it heat for 3-5 minutes. 

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