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PAX 3 Vaporizer – Now in 4 new colours | Onyx, Sage, Burgundy, Sand

PAX 3 Vaporizer – Now in 4 new colours | Onyx, Sage, Burgundy, Sand

PAX 3 Vaporizer Complete Kit

With increasing popularity of dry vaporizers over the years, PAX has become a household name. It’s no secret that they’ve managed to build a large following due to the high reliability of their vaporizers and accessories.

The PAX 3 is their latest device, released in 2016 and to this day their most popular model. It is considered by its fans to be a fantastic introduction to vaping, and a lifelong companionship with one of the most durable vaporizers existing today. The latest version of the PAX 3 comes in new sexy colors!

No matter whether you’re here to grow your collection or to finally dive into the vaping universe, we got you. If you’re looking to snap up a PAX 3, read on to see why this device has captured the hearts of so many.



The sleek design of a PAX vaporizer has wowed us all since day one, but these guys continue to up their game consistently. This time around, the PAX 3 has been released in four new colours, all with a matte finish: Onyx, Burgundy, Sage and Sand.

Pax 3 Vaporizer 2021 New Colors

The minimal style of this vape has become a hallmark of the brand, and for good reason!

A PAX 3 can fit in almost everyone’s palm, and if it doesn’t fit in yours, it will in your pockets or purse. This makes it ultra-portable, convenient for everyday life.

The PAX 3 vaporizer is also an extremely discreet device that you can just hold in your hand and forget about! No more eye-rolling at family dinners. No more unwanted attention at your favourite music festival. No more stigma. Just a laid-back you, enjoying your vaping sessions with your new bestie in the palm of your hand.



This stylish vape takes everything good about the PAX 2 to the next level, and adds some perks to improve your vaping experience.

  • The oven is now twice as powerful, halving the heating time to only 15 seconds.
  • The battery is also bigger so you can get eight to ten sessions in without worrying.
  • You can now vape your concentrates! They’ve nailed that as well.
So, you are basically getting an awesome dual-use device with high praises over its performance.

    PAX 3 Vaporizer Concentrate Insert Lid
    Another incredibly practical feature is the introduction of haptic feedback. Lights are always great indicators, but how about having your vape vibrate to get your attention instead of make some annoying noise?

    This pioneering addition lets you chill while your device does the work to let you know when it’s time to draw. But since PAX is all about the alliance of efficiency and design, the petals carry LED lights to display colours for every different function. These are actually highly efficient in displaying temperature changes, ready indicator and battery levels.

    When you get your PAX 3 vaporizer out of the box, it should be on these animations:
    • Startup - White Swirl
    • Heating - Fast Purple Up-Wave
    • Regulating - Green Plasma
    • Standby - Slow Blue Down-Wave
    Although you can change the indicator colors, the heating states will still use the same animations;
    • Heating Up : Fast Up-Wave. LEDs pulse together as a fast upwards wave away from the ground.
    • Regulating : Plasma. LEDs shift in color irregularly and independently. This means the oven is near the temperature setting, and device is ready to hit.
    • Approaching Standby Temperature : Slow Down-Wave. LEDs pulse together as a slow downwards wave toward the ground.

    PAX 3 Vaporizer Lights Petals

    PAX 3 is now also equipped with lip sensing technology to track how often you need to draw and deliver a custom-made experience. This basically means that your device uses both lip (touch) AND motion sensors to heat up and cool down the oven throughout the whole session.

    Last but not least, and one of the PAX community’s favourites: Smart Technology. Yes, you can now use your phone or computer to control your device!



    This pivotal feature is where PAX Labs have fused technology with engineering. It is this quality that has earned PAX the nickname “the iPhone of Vaporizers” - although its streamlined and cute design might have had something to do with that too.

    Your PAX vaporizer now offers dynamic and full control through The Pax App (available for Android and web browsers).

    PAX 3 Vaporizer Desktop Mobile App

    The PAX App gives you:
    • Temperature customization
    • Custom and personalized modes, plus the standard ones
    • Mini games
    • Party mode



    This PAX vaporizer can be purchased in two different sets: the Complete Kit and the Basic Kit. One of the most important things to consider when picking between these two is if you’re a strictly dry herb kind of person or if you enjoy your concentrates as well: you will need the Complete Kit if you fall under the second category.

    One of the most useful pieces PAX has incorporated in this particular model is the Half-Pack Oven Lid, which only comes with the Complete Kit set.

    This lid is designed to allow you to consume less material by blocking part of the oven. This can be a game changer if you’re looking to vape less, or you simply prefer shorter sessions. Why? Because once your material has been vaporized, there’s no re-using them. So, in short, a Half-Packed Oven Lid avoids wasting any material.
    Pax3 Oven Lid comparison

    10 YEAR WARRANTY | Built To Last

    One of the best perks of getting this discreet vaporizer is its ten-year warranty. PAX takes pride in their devices’ strong build, but they also offer their followers the peace of mind that they’re making a smart purchase. Get in touch with us if you have any warranty claims and we’ll get in touch with PAX to put some extra attention on your case!

    To put if briefly: the PAX 3 vaporizer has arrived to stay. Reliable as all other PAX devices have repeatedly proven to be, this version marries their amazing design to cutting-edge smart technology. This brings a whole new level of versatility for seasoned vapers and hands them full control over their sessions. For beginners, we highly recommend it as well since it’s incredibly easy to use. Accessories like the BudKups take the convenience to the next level, allowing you to pre-load your material!

    The raving reviews this device continues to have after having spent years on the market is definitely good evidence to what you’re getting when you shop PAX. Not to mention design mastery that makes hanging out with your vape even more appealing. In the refreshed Onyx, Sand, Burgundy and Sage colors, it’s an absolute must-have discreet vaporizer!

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