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The Arizer Solo vs Solo 2 Vaporizer – Which vape is better?

The Arizer Solo vs Solo 2 Vaporizer – Which vape is better?

The Arizer Solo is a favorite for many vaping enthusiasts. It’s considered the best for beginners due to its simple functionality and ease of maintenance. No wonder it continues to be a favorite even after years from its 2011 launch. Owing to its popularity, Arizer decided to come up with something even better and launched the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer in 2017.

Arizer Solo Comparison
Arizer Solo 2 (Left), Arizer Solo (Right)

Solo 2 was probably one of the most awaited Arizer vaporizers, but it did have a lot to live up to. As a successor to the massively popular Arizer Solo, Solo 2 is supposed to be better than Solo in many ways. The war between two siblings is on...but this Arizer vaporizer review will hopefully help you figure out what’s best suited for you. Let’s look into the details…

Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Comparison Review

Battery Life

The Arizer Solo vaporizer has an excellent battery. Instead of using alkaline batteries, it functions on lithium-ion batteries that last longer. You can use the device for about 1.5 hours continuously, which helps if you’re planning a long session. The battery life is one of the reasons why even seasoned users love the Solo.

The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer, however, is way better than Solo. For one, the battery is bigger and more powerful. You’d think that it makes the unit larger, but it’s actually smaller than its predecessor! Like the Solo, Arizer’s Solo 2 also features lithium-ion batteries but with extra juice that supports almost 3 hours of continuous usage. Even the charging port is placed at the back of the device, making it easier to charge the device while it’s standing. Best part, the Solo 2 can be used while charging.

Arizer Solo Battery Replacement

Arizer Solo Battery Replacement

The batteries come inbuilt on both devices but if you ever need to access them, the Solo is a bit easier. A small screwdriver is sufficient to undo all the four screws at the bottom. Having said that, the battery life is most important, which is why Solo 2 edges it in this aspect. Nevertheless, don’t take apart your Arizer if you still want to be covered by the warranty!

Winner – Solo 2



Arizer has a critical eye for aesthetics along with functionality, which is very evident on Solo 2. The original Arizer Solo comes with a simple LED indicators that looks pretty decent. Back when it hit the market, LEDs were fashionable. Although the design looked a little stuffy or crowded with 10 lights on the front panel, it was popular. However, with technology advancing at a rapid pace, many vaporizers today feature digital displays.

Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer controls

Vaporizer Display & Controls - Arizer Solo vs Arizer Solo 2

Not one to be left behind, the Solo 2 boasts of a digital display too. It’s pretty large, easy to use, and shows your temperature and battery levels. Nothing fancy, just a simplistic design that gets the job done. The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer is a clear winner in this department because a digital display is much better than an old LED maze.

Winner – Solo 2


The Arizer Solo has not one, not two, but seven temperature settings. It ranges from 50°C to 210°C, making it a very flexible device and allowing the user to play with several variations. Truth be told, the Solo became extremely popular because you could adjust the temperature as you vaped. You simply needed to press the buttons up or down to get to your perfect temp.

The only problem was that the temperature could only be adjusted to a particular level. For instance, level 1 was 50°C or 122°F while level 2 was 185°C or 365°F. By pushing a button, you could increase the temperature levels from 50°C to 185°C. But, what if you wanted to vape at 60°C?

Well, the Arizer Solo 2 has taken care of that. Now, you can adjust and vape at the exact temperature you prefer. If that sounds tedious, you can also adjust it in increments of 10 degrees to hit that spot you love. This may not seem super important to you now, but as you further develop yourself as a 420 connoisseur, temperatures will start to matter!

Another small upgrade on the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer is that the temperatures range from 50°C to 220°C (122°F - 428°F), offering a wider scope for the user to enjoy.

Winner – Solo 2

Vapor Quality

Great vaporizers have one thing in common - high-quality vapor. Arizer does a damn great job at producing clean vapor. With a glass stem ensuring that the vapor is cool and unaltered, it features a simple yet affordable design. The all glass airpath makes a huge difference, leading to many newer vapes also getting onboard this concept.

Back to the comparison, although the Solo 2 is better than its predecessor in many other aspects, the vapor quality on the Solo is already really excellent. The Arizer Solo 2 only slightly edges it as the bar is already set so high. We’re calling this one even-steven.

Winner – Both. It’s a Draw!



The Arizer Solo is an affordable vaporizer, especially for beginners. Available for just RM720 , most people that want an inexpensive portable vaporizer purchase it without hesitation. The Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer, priced at RM1020, is more expensive than the Solo. However, you must keep in mind that the technology is far better than Solo that was released in 2011.

If you look at just the price without considering the upgrades, the Solo takes the throne in this department. Nevertheless, as users note in this Reddit post, the Solo 2 is definitely worth the extra money.

Winner – Solo

Arizer Solo 2 Chamber

Arizer Solo 2 Body & Chamber

Design and build

The Arizer Solo remained unbeatable in terms of build and design because of the components used. It’s portable and easy to use. The glass stem does make it a little tough if you want to be very discreet, but you can purchase a case to avoid issues.

The Arizer Solo 2 is very similar to Solo in terms of design, but it's slightly smaller and just a tad more discreet. Solo 2 wins here again because of the upgrades including the temperature control and digital display.

Winner – Solo 2

Draw resistance

The Solo has a powerful draw resistance that wasn’t particularly its most loved trait. Draw resistance refers to the ease of inhaling the vapor produced by your device. The higher the resistance, the stronger you would have to breathe in. Some users love vaporizers that guarantee a free flow without having to suck on it too hard and struggle. Keep in mind that a majority of users don’t feel that way and continue to use their Solo every single day!

However, if you don’t like the draw resistance, the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer has news for you. The draw is not only free-flowing but it’s much more smooth compared to the Arizer Solo vaporizer

Winner - Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Arizer Solo 2 Device & Included Accessories


Accessories included with the Arizer vaporizers

Here’s a list of all the accessories you will receive when you purchase the Arizer Solo & Arizer Solo 2 vaporizers. They’re pretty similar, but the Arizer Solo 2 also includes a carrying case, extra screens, a stirring tool and some travel tubes for ultimate portability.

Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo 2



Arizer Solo device

Arizer Solo 2 device

2 Glass Aroma Tubes

(110mm and curved)

2 Glass Aroma Tubes

(90 and 110mm)

Aroma dish

Aroma dish

2 Slicone stem caps (to protect your glass tubes)

2 Slicone stem caps (to protect your glass tubes)

Aromatic botanical sample

3 travel tubes
(90mm, 110mm, dish size)

1 stirring tool

Carry case

User Manual

1 stirring tool


4 filter screens


Aromatic botanical sample

User Manual

In case you lose or break any of the Arizer accessories and parts, you can purchase them separately rather than spending on an entirely new unit. Arizer accessories like the mouthpiece tip replacement, stirring tool and chargers can come in real handy especially if you bring your Solo or Solo 2 vaporizer around. A case will ensure extra stealth, great if you’re particular about discreetness.

Winner – Solo 2

Overall Winner – Solo 2

Overall, the Arizer Solo 2 is certainly better than the Solo if you disregard the price. Whether you consider the build, vapor quality, or design, the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer beats the Arizer Solo vaporizer fair and square. However, if price is your main concern or if you’re just getting into quality vaporizers, the Arizer Solo is a mighty fine pick. We’ll even sweeten the deal with free shipping*!

Once you own and start using your Arizer vaporizer, remember to do a quick clean after every session and a deep clean every week or so. This seems tedious, but since glass will stain if you leave unused and half-burnt material in them, it makes sense to clean it rigorously. Having said that, you will notice a build-up of resin over time, so keep another stem handy to replace it. Treat the steel bowl just like you would the stem and clean it after every session. A cotton bud coated with some alcohol will get rid of most of the resin in a jiffy. Please make sure you let the alcohol dry completely before reusing your Arizer!


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