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DynaVap 2021M Vaporizer - Speculation & First Look

DynaVap 2021M Vaporizer - Speculation & First Look

 DynaVap 2021M Release and Rumors 2020M Vaporizer

Release rumors for DynaVap 2021 M have already started all over the web, so we’re anxious to see what the incredible DynaVap team has whipped up this year. Have you heard any rumors?

Since 2020, threads like this one on Reddit have kept discussions alive with many users pitching in ideas and thoughts.

DynaVap 2021 M First Look, Tips, Rumors

You could see the progression of the VapCap M from a rather simple looking device in 2017 to a more 'chiseled look with strong accents and lines. You never know! Dynavap might just surprise us with a whole new design in 2021 that’s even better than we expect.

Here’s what the community is speculating on:

  1. Bringing back the 2019 M’s rocker and keeping the 2020 M’s chiral airports. This feature would make twisting and holding a finger over the ports easier without losing the 2020’s sophisticated airflow.
  2. A length increase? Perhaps an XL version of the 2020M. Would it be called the DynaVap Plus or DynaVap Pro? However, this seems to be against the ethos of DynaVap, being that they promote responsible and moderate use of the device and its beloved contents.
  3. The 2021M Vaporizer will have a shorter cool down time compared to the 2020M.
  4. A new Captive Cap that has visual cues on top of the clicks. This would help the hearing-impaired or if you vape in noisy locations!
  5. Adjustable airflow like the OmniVap XL, as users who prefer a fully restricted hit have been using tapes and other homemade tools to block the 2020M airports.


One very cool feature that actually did make a huge jump from the DynaVap 2019M to the 2020M was their packaging.

DynaVap Vaporizer 2019 2020 M Packaging

From a green, simple plastic tube, came the more eco-friendly, cardboard design the held the key to the Dynaverse. These guys aren’t playing around! Expectations for this year’s final M are rising… We think it could be time for the packaging to get to the next level and incorporate some more practical features!

It seems like the world is ready for the DynaVap 2021M. Are you ready to get yours?



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