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DynaVap 2021 Vaporizer Lineup | The M, Omni & VonG

Just in time for April, the crafty DynaVap team released the 2021 DynaVap vaporizer lineup! A refresher on the flagship VapCaps, giving us selections across the DynaVap M, Omni and VonG lines.

Dynavap 2021 M Vong Omni Vaporizer

The DynaVap M vaporizer takes another step into the web of design evolution and the OmniVap gets a makeover, becoming the sexy DynaVap Omni 2021 vaporizer, or simply The Omni. The stunner for us is the new VonG vaporizer, featuring a beautiful play of titanium and wood with the added bonus of fitting into most ‘glass appliances’.

If you’re pretty fresh in the DynaVap community, check out our introductory DynaVap guide to familiarize with the basics. Let’s get into each of the 2021 DynaVap devices!

DynaVap M 2021 Vaporizer

DynaVap M 2021 ReviewRound 5 for the M! The M 2021 carries on the flame from the DynaVap 2020 M vaporizer and is the 5th update of the M VapCaps. You can’t go wrong with this bad boy. Constructed from medical grade stainless steel, the M 2021 provides durability and reliability to last years. We’re sure you wouldn’t need to upgrade to the new M each year, but use a DynaVap long enough and you start collecting as many as you can.

DynaVap M 2021 Vaporizer Features

The DynaVap M 2021 features updates in a bunch of areas; the 2021 Tip has features a 7 point crown bowl, called the Septa serrated extraction chamber and is a 2 position adjust-a-bowl. That means you can snap up or push down the CCD screen to adjust the DynaVap bowl size. Heat dissipation physics also takes a different turn this year with the incremental fin profile that get thicker towards the stem. Moving down the stem brings us to the M airports, now looking like an actual M! The split airports create a smoother flow when rocking it left to right to open or block each side. Having your thumb on the Rocker and your index finger on the airports when using the device is highly recommended as you have the most control.


DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer

The rebirth of a legend, the OmniVap gets a transformation since its last change in 2018. Fans of the OmniVap and OmniVap XL know that the premium titanium build and longer body takes the DynaVap experience to the next level with its faster heating and cooling.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Review

Omni in the DynaVap dictionary means you can twist the titanium mouthpiece to adjust air intake resistance (how hard you drag). The 2021 DynaVap Omni now uses a dial with visual markers around the tapered mouthpiece. Notice how the ridges go from short to long indicating how much of resistance is set.

DynaVap Omni Adjustable Airflow Dial Markers

Nevertheless, we do think the ridges could have been marked clearer. With the previous OmniVap, you could visually see a gap as the mouthpiece extended when twisted. Experiment once you get your Omni and we’re sure you’ll get used to it in no time.

DynaVap Omni 2021 Mouthpiece.
Notice the markers just under the o-rings.



The new Omni has a strong chiseled body with strong lines and ridges blending the 9 fins on the titanium tip seamlessly into the design. You get a 9 point crown bowl on this device which is also a 2 position adjust-a-bowl like the M 2021.

Have a close look at the twin airports and you’ll notice that they are not aligned on top of each other. That’s because the offset airports allow for more airflow variability when rocking or rotation the Omni.

When you get your DynaVap, we always recommend taking it apart to get to know it first. Do that and you'll discover the trippy helical heat exchanging condenser, the next incremental change in DynaVap Omni technology. The condenser is the airpath of your device.

. DynaVap Omni 2021 Vaporizer Features and Design

DynaVap VonG 2021 Vaporizer

Did you know “VonG” is shortened from ‘VapCap on Glass’? And it goes great with what it rhymes with! The Vong is the thicc Dynavap, featuring a 10mm to 14mm tapered mouthpiece. Having the DynaVap body at 14mm makes it a perfect fit on most glass and water pieces.

DynaVap VonG 2021 Vaporizer Review

The Vong is all about Titanium – that’s the dual titanium crowns, full titanium liner, dedicated VonG Ti (that’s Titanium, if you didn’t already know) Tip and a titanium condenser. Titanium is super durable but we still recommend you to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance when using your DynaVap device, a little goes a long way! The VonG is the same length as the M Vaporizer and the fat wooden midsection looks pretty badass when compared to the M 2021.

DynaVap VonG 2021 Vaporizer Features Titanium and Wood

Whichever your pick, the 2021 DynaVap vaporizer lineup will definitely not disappoint. Ultimately, they’re great devices made by a bunch of amazingly talented engineers that we can all geek off to.If you're sure that a battery-less vaporizer is the way to go for you (or maybe you're just simply curious about it), read our DynaVap guide to learn how to properly use the device. 

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