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BudKups are a loading capsule for PAX2/3. Designed for optimal heating and vapor production. These are version 3.0 BudKups that have an improved shape and increased airflow surface area for better functionality and greater ease of use.

Pack multiple BudKups at once and always be ready. Keeps your PAX cleaner. BudKups are reusable. Made from food-grade stainless steel.

Includes 6 BudKups Generation 3.0, the Bud Case, and 2BudKup removal tools.

Compatible with PAX2/3.

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Customer Reviews

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Is gud

The airflow compared to standard pax is fantastic, but you will be getting even less vapors than you already get with the vanilla experience (which is not much to begin with). However you will still get a mouthful of flavor which is what vaping is about! Suggest you start with lowest heat setting, and work your way up one notch after maybe 5-8 puffs and keep going up from there. I stayed at 1 with fresh Mandarin Sunset and it’s just a nice functional and conversational microdose without being plastered. Also, super easy to dispense the ABV, just needs a good knock. Packing it in by hand is a bit of a bitch though. You’ll want the flower to be packed tight to the brim to ensure even heat (I think), so it’s helpful if you did your packing over a tray, or better yet get the loader tool.

We always appreciate a good suggestion! Thank you for your review