DynaVap Titanium Condenser (with O-Rings)

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The mastermind behind the scenes. The condenser is responsible for working the battery-free magic by regulating the temperature of your vaporizer. It is made out of titanium and comes with the necessary O-rings to adjust to the stem with a comfortable fit.
🌟 Available in Two Sizes:

Standard Titanium Condenser

  • Fits most 92mm DynaVap devices
  • Comes with three O-rings
  • Compatible with any stem length (62mm) midsection without spinning mouthpieces or with a body length (45mm) midsection requiring a mouthpiece

XL Titanium Condenser

  • Fits most 109mm DynaVap devices
  • Designed for stem length (62mm) midsections with a spinning mouthpiece
  • Also comes with three O-rings
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Compatible with

Standard Titanium Condenser

  • any DynaVap vaporizers with 92mm length
  • any DynaVap vaporizers with 62mm length midsection
  • any DynaVap vaporizers with 45mm length midsection with a mouthpiece

XL Titanium Condenser

  • any DynaVap vaporizers with 109mm length
  • any DynaVap vaporizers with 62mm length midsection with a spinning mouthpiece

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