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Customs Clearance Insurance

We'll make sure you get your vaporizer delivered or we'll give you a refund!

If your order does not clear customs (seized, lost or returned), POCKETOVENS.COM will do one of the following:

  1. Reship the order up to (1) time; OR
  2. Refund the order, excluding shipping cost, Customs Clearance Insurance cost and any transaction fees.

Failure to pay customs duties or import taxes imposed will not activate this insurance.

The DynaVap SlimStash is the perfect place to store your DynaVap vaporizer, it's a slimmer and more easily portable version of the DynaStash with only a single compartment for the vape. The SlimStash gives you a beautifully built home for your vape.

African Mahogany is a deep reddish brown color with interlocking grains. Looks tasty!

Stylish and discrete, the SlimStash will make a great addition to your vaping setup.

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Compatible with

Any standard length (92mm) Dynavap vaporizer

  • DynaVap M
  • DynaVap M Plus
  • DynaVap VonG
  • DynaVap BB3

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Muhd A.
Complete the collection

Versatile for varied kind of use for every kind of mood, feel, location and time.

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