Marijoinlah Kayu Slim - Wooden Storage for DynaVap

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Keep your DynaVap in Marijoinlah's wooden storage inspired by the DynaStash. This 'Slim' version is made using upcycled exotic hardwood and holds one standard length DynaVap device (92mm). Give your DynaVap a beautiful home and keep it safe from knocks and bumps.

The Marijoinlah Kayu Slim storage device features a single compartment to fit standard length DynaVap devices (92mm). To keep things secure, a satisfying swivel lid stays shut perfectly while still easy to handle. Show off your DynaVap, carry it around safely and add some swag to your sessions!

Each unit is meticulously handcrafted making every unit a unique one. Expect natural differences between your unit and the pictures shown. Although this is designed for the DynaVap, you can use the Marijoinlah Kayu to carry your favourite material or even some 1 1/4 size pre rolled cones!

Fits: Standard Length DynaVap devices (92mm) or shorter ie. M series, BB3, BB9 stem and more!

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Compatible with

Any standard length (92mm) Dynavap vaporizer

  • DynaVap M
  • DynaVap M Plus
  • DynaVap VonG
  • DynaVap BB3

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