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Pocket Ovens

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If your order does not clear your home country Customs, we will re-deliver for free or provide a refund! Customs fees and import duties are always the responsibility of the buyer. Customs Clearance Insurance’s Customs Clearance Insurance can be purchased by the buyer during checkout. The Customs Clearance Insurance activates when an order has failed to clear customs. A shipment has cleared Customs when either: The tracking information for the shipment indicates that it has cleared customs and arrived at the destination sort facility, OR Payment of customs fees and import duties is the final step required to clear the shipment as defined in (1) above. Payment of customs fees and import duties are the responsibility of the buyer. If a shipment does not clear customs as defined above, will do one of the following: Attempt to re-deliver the order up to one (1) times to an address of the buyer’s choice within the original destination country, OR Refund the full price of the ordered products to the buyer, excluding shipping cost, Customs Clearance Insurance cost and transaction fees. can chose to refund the order amount as defined above to the buyer without attempting re-delivery at its own discretion.
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Ian H.
Unable to deliver

Was stopped in Thailand Customs even after I paid insurance, got refund eventually but seems you can not deliver