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Mighty vs. Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel Comparison Review


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When it comes to the world of dry herb aromatherapy vaporizers, Storz & Bickel knows how to bake up some serious competition. In this sizzling showdown, we pit two of their finest portable creations against each other: the Storz & Bickel Mighty and the Storz & Bickel Mighty+(Plus). 

These vaporizer heavyweights are ready to battle it out for the title of the mightiest 'baker.' Let the vape games begin!

Which one should I get? Mighty vs Mighty+ vaporizer

Short on time? We’ll give you a quick answer to that. Both vaporizers produce rich, high-quality vapor and operate the same. It boils down to price and preferences.

Get the Mighty if you’re looking for a good deal

Although the tech on the Mighty was developed in 2014, it continues to be the benchmark for aromatherapy and medicinal vaporizers. In fact, the core heating technology of the Mighty remains almost unchanged on the Mighty+.  

The Mighty is the BEST VALUE Category Winner in our Best Vaporizer Guide of 2023 for good reason. Even at a lower price, the Mighty comes with a Storz & Bickel Herb Mill Grinder and a Storz & Bickel Filling Aid (more accessories than the Mighty+!). Parts and extra accessories made for the Mighty+ are also compatible with the Mighty so you won’t miss out on much. 

Get the Mighty+ if price is not an issue and you enjoy newer tech. 

Released in 2021, the Mighty+ features a ceramic-coated oven (easier to clean!), faster heat-up and charging times, and is the world’s first dry herb vaporizer built with UL certified materials. 

Extras on the Mighty+ include USB-C charging, a 3-year warranty period (instead of the standard 2 years), and the ability to stand on its own! 

Storz & Bickel Mighty and Mighty+ Vaporizer

Both devices are excellent choices with few differences between them.

Design and Build Quality: The Mighty+ earns its edge with a refined design, but the Mighty holds its ground with reliability.

Portability & Size: Neither is the most portable option out there in the market, but they're identical in size and come with the advantage of heat dispersion.

Battery Life and Charging: The Mighty+ excels with USB-C charging, although the original Mighty offers impressive battery life.

Heating System and Temperature Control: The Mighty+ takes the lead with faster heating and the Superbooster function.

Vapor Quality: Both devices deliver top-tier vapor quality, setting the industry standard.

Maintenance and Cleaning: The Mighty+ offers a slightly cleaner experience with its ceramic-coated bowl.

Warranty: The Mighty+ gives you a longer period of protection against any unforeseen problems but the Mighty 2-year period gives confidence in your investment as well.

Price: The original Mighty stands out as a budget-friendly option, providing outstanding value.

Accessories: The original Mighty offers more accessories in the box, perfect for those starting out.

Now let's dive in to the details!

Design and Build Quality

Mighty: The Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizer features a robust and practical design. It is compact and made from high-quality materials, with a combination of medical-grade plastic and aluminium. 

The Mighty vaporizer is used for medical research in Europe and the USA alongside the Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer and is a reliable and certified route of administration for many medical patients around the world.

Mighty+: The Mighty+ retains the functional frame of the Mighty but takes a step forward in design. It is just as durable but improves the exterior fins with an inward-curving design that’s easier to grip. The buttons and logo are orange, and the screen display is brighter, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The bottom of the device is improved to make it possible to stand on its own, something the Mighty does not do. 

Most notably, The Mighty+ is the first dry herb vaporizer to gain a UL certification. UL is a USA-based global safety certification firm for electronics and scientific devices. This gives the diligent and thoughtful user an additional peace of mind.

WINNER: Mighty+ The upgraded design of the Mighty+ gives it an edge in this category.

Portability & Size

Mighty: While the Mighty is portable, it can be considered bulky compared to some other portable dry herb vaporizers on the market. It may fit in a pocket if cargo pants are your style, but it might not be the most comfortable or discreet option. Imagine pocketing a packet of instant noodles. 

Mighty+: The Mighty+ vaporizer maintains the same dimensions as its predecessor, which means it's still not the most compact option out there. However, having USB-C charging makes it feel more manageable when out and about, unlike the Mighty which uses a wall plug power adaptor.

WINNER: Tie - Both devices are exactly the same size. The Mighty is a touch lighter at 230g compared to the Mighty+ at 242g. Although they are not the most portable in the market, the larger size and wide design prevent the device from getting too hot in your hands.

Battery Life and Charging

Storz & Bickel Mighty vs Mighty+ Charging Port


The original Mighty boasts an impressive battery life, offering about 1.5 hours of continuous usage. This is more than sufficient for most users and makes it a great choice for extended vaping sessions. 

It takes roughly 2 hours to charge the Mighty from 0 to 100%. The downside here is that the Mighty vaporizer charges using a DC power adapter that requires a wall socket.  Not the best if you want to charge it while on the go. 


The Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer also features an excellent battery life, and while the battery life remains similar, the newer device is upgraded to USB-C charging. This offers convenience to recharge your Mighty+ but it takes around 3 hours for a full charge. 

With a +15V @ 3A charging adapter like the Storz & Bickel Supercharger power adapter (sold separately), the battery pumps from 0% to 80% in just 40 minutes, and 100% in under an hour.

The batteries on both the Mighty and Mighty+ are sealed in the housing and cannot be replaced.

WINNER: Mighty+  Although both devices offer exceptional battery life, the USB-C charging on the Mighty+ scores it extra points.

Heating System and Temperature Control


The Mighty vaporizer utilizes a hybrid heating system, combining conduction and convection heating. It offers precise temperature control with a range of 40°C to 210°C. The temperature is easily adjustable through the 2 buttons and LED display. It heats up in about 90-120 seconds. 

The Mighty vaporizer comes with 2 preset temperatures. The Base temperature is 180°C. Double-clicking the power button will activate Booster temperature which automatically increases the Base temperature by 15°C  for 90 seconds. The Booster temperature offset can be manually changed too.


The Mighty+ retains the same patented hybrid heating system and exact temperature range but heats up faster. It only takes 60 seconds! 

It also enhances the overall experience with the new SuperBooster function, a third preset temperature setting. Triple-clicking the power button will give a final kick to the almost fully extracted botanicals in the oven by raising the Booster temperature by another 15°C or to the maximum temperature. 

Finish off your session on a high!

WINNER: Mighty+ The faster heat-up time and upgraded SuperBooster function make it a clear winner in this category.

Pocket Ovens Temperature Guide

Vapor Quality


The Mighty vaporizer delivers exceptional vapor quality, thanks to its patented hybrid heating system and powerful 30W heater. It produces flavourful and smooth vapor, putting it on the map among vapor connoisseurs.


The Mighty+ vaporizer retains the patented combination of convection and conduction heating. The Mighty+ pumps out the same consistent high-quality vapor as its predecessor. There are no significant improvements in vapor quality because it is already the gold standard. 

As they say - If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

WINNER: Tie Both devices provide outstanding vapor quality, offering a rich and enjoyable vaping experience.

Maintenance and Cleaning


Both the original Mighty and Mighty+ vaporizers are relatively easy to clean. Especially if you’re using dosing capsules, the oven can be kept cleaner for longer. You can also get a couple of extra cooling units if you’re a heavy user to lengthen the time between full cleaning sessions.


The Mighty+ vaporizer has a ceramic-coated bowl in the herb chamber that brings slight improvement to the maintenance process. Compared to the Mighty’s aluminium bowl, it’s easier to clean and doesn’t stain as badly. Otherwise, the other components’ maintenance and cleaning remain the same.

WINNER: Mighty+ The advantage goes to the Mighty+ here because of the ceramic coating which is easier to clean and doesn’t stain easily. The black ceramic colour also gives a cleaner and newer appearance.



The original Mighty comes with a 2-year warranty period, which covers any potential manufacturing defects or issues that may arise during normal use


The Mighty+ steps up the warranty offering a notch, adding an extra year with registration on the Storz & Bickel site. This added year of protection underscores the confidence Storz & Bickel has in the Mighty+ and its reliability.

As a Pocket Ovens customer reviewed it: 

"Outstanding performance from the Mighty+, ends my search for a consistent driver that delivers flavor, dense clouds very efficiently! Excellent support and professional service from PocketOvens, Thank you!"

This serves as a testament to the overall satisfaction of the Mighty+'s exceptional performance that extends to the warranty and service experience. You can rest assured that Pocket Ovens will assist you with any issue in the unlikely event that you face one.

WINNER: Mighty+ The obvious choice due to the 3-year warranty.

Purchasing from Pocket Ovens: We Got You Covered

Dry Herb Vaporizer Retailer in Asia and Australia

We at Pocket Ovens are passionate about sharing knowledge in the dry herb vaporizer industry, such as this comparison between the Storz & Bickel Mighty and Mighty+. In addition to our dedication to knowledge sharing, we are also committed to exceptional customer service. 

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The original Mighty has been on the market for a while, which often results in lower prices. It offers excellent value for the price, considering the exceptional vapor quality and included accessories.


The Mighty+ is a newer release and, therefore, comes with a higher price tag. It might not be as budget-friendly as the original Mighty but the significant improvements like USB-C charging, a ceramic bowl, and a more refined design, make it a premium choice.

WINNER: Mighty If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, the original Mighty is amazing value for money.



The Mighty vaporizer is a complete kit in the box. This includes a Storz & Bickel Herb Mill Grinder and Filling Aid, which has been left out with the Mighty+. For some, the extras will enhance their experience.


The Mighty+ vaporizer lessens the range of accessories in the box, but for seasoned vaporizers, these accessories might already be part of their arsenal. You still get the screens, seal rings, a dosing capsule, cleaning brush, and charger cable

WINNER: Mighty For a lower price, the Mighty comes in a complete package with everything you need to get started.

CONCLUSION: Should I get the Storz & Bickel Mighty or Mighty+ (Plus) aromatherapy vaporizer?

Ultimately, the choice between these two legendary devices will depend on your individual preferences, needs, and budget.

If you prioritise an easier-to-clean and less-staining ceramic-coated oven, faster heat-up and charging times, USB-C charging, and a 3-year warranty, the Mighty+ is the clear winner. 

However, if you're hunting for a fantastic deal without compromising on performance, the original Mighty is a solid choice. You'll appreciate the reliable performance that's made it a Best Value Category Winner. It even comes bundled with a Storz & Bickel Herb Mill Grinder and Filling Aid, which the Mighty+ omits. For a complete list of the best dry herb vaporizers, check out our blog.

In the end, the choice boils down to your priorities and pocket. Are you ready to embrace the Mighty+ with its modern enhancements, or does the excellent value of the Mighty make it the perfect choice for you? It's your call, and rest assured, both devices will deliver a delightful vaping experience. Happy baking!

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