XMAX V3 Pro Startup Guide


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You know, life is too short to read the manual! So, leave it up to Chief Baker to condense how to use your brand new XMAX V3 Pro / XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass in this article. Simply follow these steps, as easy as ABCDE :
A : Allow to fully charge

B : Burn off 

C : Chamber packing 

D : Device activation 

E : Enjoy vaping!!

What’s in the box?

You’ve made a great decision in purchasing the the XMAX V3 Pro, or the collaborative design with Flowrolls, the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass! In the box, you can find the following pieces:

  • XMAX V3 Pro /  XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass device
  • *Glass mouthpiece
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Wax Cup: Insert for vaporizing concentrates and waxes
  • 2 x Mesh screens
  • 4 x Alcohol cotton pads
  • Cleaning brush and tool 
  • Instruction manual

*only comes with the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass edition

XMAX V3 Pro dry herb vaporizer box contents

The guide will cover steps for both the XMAX V3 Pro and the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass aromatherapy vaporizers. For simplicity, we will be referring to both of them as XMAX V3 Pro. 


There aren’t any differences in use, but you’ll feel the difference in the quality of vapor and vaping experience. Due to the titanium chamber and glass mouthpiece, the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass produces higher quality vapor that’s delivered smoother.

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XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass dry herb vaporizer
XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass - available at Pocket Ovens with an upgraded glass mouthpiece and titanium heating chamber

A. How to Charge your XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer?

Give your new XMAX V3 Pro a full battery charge before first use. Have patience, my friend, and do not attempt to use it while it is still charging. This is to avoid damaging the battery. 

Firstly, remove the battery cover behind the device, and pull off the plastic tab attached to the battery. Replace the cover, then insert the USB-C charging cable into the battery port at the bottom of the XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer. 

The first charge will take about 1.5 hours. The LCD display screen will light up to show the battery charging status, so leave it to charge until you see the battery icon is full. 

Subsequent charging from 0% to 100% would take approximately 2 hours. The removable 18650 battery is a big advantage here so you can swap out a spare full battery and never need to wait. Chief Baker also recommends to always remove the battery from the device when not in use.

XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass dry herb vaporizer

B. How to perform a vaporizer burn off for the XMAX V3 Pro?

Now that you’ve made sure your XMAX V3 Pro is fully charged, it is time to perform an empty burn off. Before you pack in your herbs or extracts, the burn off will ensure that any leftover manufacturing residue or cleaning solutions are cleared off. It’s good practice for your device and more importantly, your health.

Start by switching on the XMAX V3 Pro with three quick presses of the Power button, located beneath the logo on the front of the device. 

You’ll see the LCD screen light up to indicate the device is switched on. Below the battery indicator you will see the mode it is in, either ‘session’ or ‘on-demand’. Make sure it is set to ‘session’. 

You can do so by pressing both the up and down buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.

XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass dry herb vaporizer

Next, press the upper temperature control button which increases the temperature, and set your XMAX V3 Pro to the highest temperature, 220 °C (428 °F). Once you reach the highest temperature, let the aromatherapy vaporizer run with an empty oven for an entire 4 minute session.

Your XMAX V3 Pro is now ready for use! Remember these steps because it’s good practice to also perform a burn off each time after cleaning to eliminate any leftover cleaning residues. 

C. How to pack the oven chamber of the XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer?

Take off the magnetic mouthpiece lid to fill the chamber. Careful when doing so with the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass since the mouthpiece is made of glass. 

The XMAX V3 Pro can be used with both dry herbs or concentrates, let’s go through the steps for both.

XMAX V3 Pro dry herb vaporizer heating chamber
XMAX V3 Pro Chamber and Mouthpiece

Dry Herbs

Before loading in your botanicals, use a grinder to shred the dry herb material to a medium grind. Take the herbs and loosely fill up the oven to the top with a gentle tamp. Attach the magnetic mouthpiece lid.

Be careful not to over pack, it is key to even heating. Overfilling the oven will lead to uneven heating and resistant draws. On the flipside, packing too lightly will produce almost no vapor output.


Fill the bottom screen of the wax cup with your botanical concentrate. Insert the wax cup into the chamber upright. Attach the magnetic mouthpiece lid.

D. How to use the XMAX V3 Pro aromatherapy vaporizer?

To fully utilise the XMAX V3 Pro aromatherapy vaporizer, it’s essential to learn about its two mode options : Session mode and On-Demand mode. 

Toggle between the two modes by pressing both up and down buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.

Session Mode

The XMAX V3 Pro in session mode will heat the oven continuously for 4 minutes or 6 minutes at the temperature that you have selected. 

It is pre-set to 4 minutes; you can change it by holding the power button and up button simultaneously for two seconds. You can also restart the session when the timer ends.

This mode is great if you want to slowly enjoy multiple hits or inhaling with a group of friends.

Session Mode Xmax V3 Pro

On-Demand Mode

The XMAX V3 Pro on-demand mode will heat up your aromatherapy herbs only when you hold down the power button. 

Your device will power on, heat up to your selected temperature for 30 seconds, after which it will enter standby mode unless you press the power button again. After 120 seconds of inactivity, the XMAX V3 Pro will automatically switch off.

This mode allows you to have quick hits while preserving your aromatherapy herbs’ flavour and longevity. It also works splendidly well as an option for microdosing. 

On Demand Mode Xmax V3 Pro

Vaping instructions

Now that you’re familiarised with the two modes in your vaporizer, get to the fun part of vaporizing your aromatherapy herbs with these steps:-

  1. Turn on your XMAX V3 Pro by pressing the power button three times. The screen will light up. It uses your last temperature setting by default on start-up.
  2. Set the temperature you want by using the two smaller buttons below the power button. The up button increases temperature, and the down button is to decrease temperature. 
    • We’d advise to start at a lower temperature first, then gradually ramping up the temperature towards the end of your session. 
    • User reviews indicate around 187°C – 193°C (370°F – 380°F) as an ideal temperature to begin with for dry herbs. 
    • For concentrates, higher heats are recommended so go ahead with the highest temperature to start.
Pocket Ovens Temperature Guide

  1. Choose the mode you want by pressing both the up and down buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds until you see the mode you want shown on the screen.
  2. Session Mode : Your device will vibrate to let you know it’s ready to vape! 
    • Inhale through the mouthpiece and the timer countdown will begin. 
    • When using the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass, you’ll have the pleasure of sipping tastier and cooler vapor from the glass mouthpiece.
  3. On-Demand Mode : Press and hold the power button until it vibrates to let you know it is ready. Once it buzzes, it’s time to take a hit! 
    • Keep holding the power button while drawing through the mouthpiece. 
    • After 30 seconds the device will stop heating, but you can release and press the power button again to begin a new cycle. 
    • To finish your session, triple press the power button to turn off your device.
  4. Stir the bowl after a few pulls with the scraping tool that's at the back of the magnetic mouthpiece. This will help ensure even and efficient vaporization.
  5. If you want to change the temperature scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa, press and hold the power button and the down button together for two seconds.

Depending on the temperature settings, you can expect to get 45 – 60 minutes of total runtime with the XMAX V3 Pro aromatherapy vaporizer.

E. Tips for XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer

Want to optimise the battery?

Use the Session mode to lessen the drainage on the battery. On-demand mode uses up more battery life when it heats up from cold temperatures. To get even more optimal juice, buy a few extra 18650 batteries to swap in when another one runs out.

Want powerful hits?

Start inhaling slowly for a few seconds until the vapor starts to thicken and then speed up your draws. Stronger vapor will be generated by longer pulls.

Want thicker vapor?

Cover the air intake holes on the right and left side of the XMAX V3 Pro aromatherapy vaporizer when inhaling. Doing this will slightly reduce the airflow and boost vapor production.

Want to microdose?

Just pack your chamber with a normal full amount and use the On-Demand mode, hit it as little as you like and then switch it off. This device makes microdosing super easy. 

Cleaning the XMAX V3 Pro Vaporizer

We highly recommend keeping the oven empty after each session. ABV left in the oven can cause quicker residue buildup and would require deep cleaning more often.

QUICK CLEAN : For your first clean, use the alcohol swabs and cleaning brush provided in the box. 

Wipe down the oven, glass mouthpiece and vapor path for a simple and easy clean.

Cleaning the XMAX V3 Pro

DEEP CLEAN : Over time, you’d want to develop a cleaning routine to keep your XMAX V3 Pro aromatherapy device performing at 100%. For a more thorough cleaning, the mouthpiece can be disassembled. 

All parts except the plastic housing can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours. This will dislodge residue and any leftover can be brushed away. 

For the oven, use the brush to clear off any debris then wipe down the surfaces using a cotton swab soaked in Swish. Never submerge the device in water or use excessive liquid while cleaning.

Don’t forget to re-perform step B - the burn off each time after cleaning to eliminate any leftover isopropyl or soap.

XMAX V3 Pro Mouthpiece parts


The XMAX V3 Pro is one of the best budget vaporizer out there in the market, and for very good reasons! Is there any other device at this price point that allows you to switch between Session and On-Demand mode? Not forgetting the convenience of using a removable battery! Oh yeaaaa… sweet silky smooth vapor.

For the more inclined, there's other ways to enhance the device by upgrading with various parts from the brand such as the glass mouthpiece and a water bubbler. 

Do you have one of this nifty XMAX? What do you think of it? 

As always reach out to us using the chat or email for any assistance, we are ever ready to help. If you found this helpful or want our articles fresh out the oven 😉, sign up to our mailing list below! 

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