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Xmax V Pro Titanium Glass Pocket Ovens

XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass : Upgrade to an affordable budget vaporizer

Don’t let the word ‘affordable’ deceive you, the standard XMax V3 Pro is upgraded in this XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass and still punches above its price range. A feature-packed, convection vaporizer that can easily slip into your pocket or purse to accompany you anywhere, and without burning a hole in your pocket! 

Black, blue or violet? Pick your utensils wisely – let Chief Baker at Pocket Ovens introduce you to the portable, budget-friendly XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass.

Featured in Pocket Ovens' Top 5 Best Affordable Vaporizers, the XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass is one of the best value vaporizers you can buy in 2023. Flowrolls’ latest innovation in vaporizers is an edit of the XMax V3 Pro made by Chinese vaporizer manufacturer TopGreen Technology Co., Ltd.

Although they may not boast the same household name status as Storz & Bickel or PAX, XMax has become a reliable brand of quality and affordable vaporizers since beginning in 2014. 

In fact, TopGreen own more than 50 patents in the vaporizer market and have developed a strong reputation for making some of the best entry-level dry herb aromatherapy vaporizers money can buy.

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XMax V3 Pro
XMax V3 Pro - now available at Pocket Ovens with an upgraded glass mouthpiece and titanium heating chamber

Quality Build at An Affordable Price

The XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass, continues the trend of the V3 Pro vaporizer in a small pen form factor. This device sports an upgrade to the materials of the mouthpiece and the chamber, hint - it’s in the name!

Glass and titanium make the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass a step up in delivering higher quality vapor, producing cooler and smoother clouds. A glass mouthpiece replaces the standard heat-resistant plastic mouthpiece of the standard XMAX V3 Pro. The glass mouthpiece preserves the taste of your aromatherapy herbs and concentrates while channelling a comfortable airflow. Plus, it is magnetic with a built-in stirring/scraping tool for a fuss-free operation. Having a removable glass mouthpiece is also convenient when it comes to hygiene and maintenance and it can be further disassembled for thorough cleaning.

xmax v pro titanium glass pocket ovens
Removable glass mouthpiece

In harmony with the glass mouthpiece, the stainless steel oven of the XMax V3 Pro is upgraded to titanium. The qualities of titanium produces more satisfying convection vapor due to the increased durability and better heat retention.

The materials used surrounding the XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass oven are odourless and environmentally friendly. This preserves the natural flavour and enables a more potent extraction of your botanicals.

Xmax V3 Pro Titanium Heating Chamber
Titanium Heating Chamber

The chassis is an integrated aluminium alloy body that is cool and smooth to the touch, whilst still having a decent amount of grip. It's comfortable to hold, sturdier and more durable than other plastic-body vaporizers at this price range.

If you are thinking of buying your first dry herb aromatherapy vaporizer, the quality materials and reliable internals make the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass a value-for-money entry into the vapor game.

Xmax V3 Pro Titanium Glass Pocket Ovens
Xmax V3 Pro Titanium Glass

XMax V3 Pro : Features & Functions

When a brand like XMAX produces devices that have gone through V1, V2 and now V3 iterations, you can bet the company is dedicated to incorporating leading-edge technology and constantly innovating for consumers. Being a new take on a ‘version 3’ of a well-loved model, the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass keeps all the best features and functions at an inexpensive price.

Operates in two modes: Session and On-Demand.

  • The Session mode continuously heats the 0.15g chamber in two available settings, 4 minutes or 6 minutes, and is suitable for a user that wants a longer session to repeatedly take hits.
  • The On-Demand mode heats the chamber only when the button is pressed, for 30 seconds at a time. It is suitable for a touch-and-go user to get a short, potent hit. Excellent for when you’re out and about. This mode uses less energy and is great for preserving battery life, allowing for the use of smaller aromatherapy herb amounts and zero waste in between.


It can be used with botanical aromatherapy dry herbs or concentrates. One of the accessories included with the XMax V3 Pro box is a wax cup that can be used with aromatherapy concentrates. You just need to fill the cup with your concentrate before placing it into the vaporizer. Be aware to check the best temperature settings for each type.

Rapid heat up

The XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass is fully convection heating and can reach your desired temperature in a jiffy. It takes only 15 seconds to heat up to 180°C. The quick temperature ramp-up is an excellent performance for something so little!

Temperature Flexibility

With a temperature range from 100 °C to 220 °C (212 °F to 428 °F), the + and – buttons on the XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass allow precise temperature switching at 1°C intervals. Lower temperatures tend to bring out flavours more, while higher temperatures produce thicker vapor.

Swappable battery with USB-C Charging

For a budget vaporizer, a small and powerful removable battery is definitely an advantage. The XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass comes with a rechargeable and removable 18650 2,600mAh battery. It gives you 45 - 60 minutes of use on a single full charge. Using the USB-C cable included in the accessories, it takes 2 hours to charge from empty to full. Get one or two spare 18650 batteries to take it to the next level so you never have to wait to enjoy your aromatherapy vaporizer.

What’s Included in The Box?

Like most dry herb aromatherapy vaporizers in the market, the XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass comes with some accessories and cleaning & maintenance tools.

The glass mouthpiece and titanium heating chamber in this kit are definitely significant upgrades from the standard XMax V3 Pro.

  • XMax V3 Pro
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Wax Cup : Insert for vaporizing concentrates and waxes
  • 2 x Mesh screens
  • 4 x Alcohol cotton pads
  • Cleaning brush and tool
  • Instruction manual
xmax v3 pro titanium glass what

Simple Configuration

With only three easy buttons and a large 0.96” OLED display that is bright and crisp, the Xmax V3 Pro Titanium Glass is simple enough to use with a gentle learning curve. The information displayed on the screen is straightforward and user-friendly.

The Power and Temperature Control (+ and – ) buttons provide haptic feedback when pressed, which is very practical when using in hand. It is so uncomplicated that even absolute beginners will have no trouble learning the ins and outs of this device.

xmax v3 pro display

Pocketable and Low-Profile

Out of all the portable vaporizers, the XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass takes the crown, it’s only a little larger than your average hand sanitiser bottle. Carrying and using one of these slender vaporizers gives the user a discreet feeling. You can confidently savour your favourite aromatherapy herb vapor anytime, anywhere. It comfortably fits in a pocket, a bag, and even in hand when using it around the house. Plus, the inset design of the bowl funnels into the chamber, making it easy to load on the go. Pack an extra battery along so your session doesn’t need to end, whether you’re at a party, a picnic, or taking a stroll.

Safety with an Isolated Air Path

The XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass is a budget vaporizer boasts a 100% isolated ceramic air path before reaching the glass mouthpiece. This unique design enables the heated air to reach the user without coming into contact with any electronic components, silicone, or plastics. Aside from minimising harshness, this increases the safety and quality of the vapor inhaled.

12-Month Warranty

The XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass is backed with a 12-month manufacturer warranty on the device and battery. As with all Pocket Ovens dry herb aromatherapy devices, we 100% guarantee authenticity. If you're located outside Malaysia, we offer customs clearance insurance to guarantee your order arrives to you smoothly. Get in touch with us if you have any issues and we’ll facilitate the process.

xmax v3 pro titanium glass

XMax V3 Pro Titanium Glass - the best affordable vaporizer in market?

The XMAX V3 Pro checks all the essential boxes of an entry-level vaporizer, including some features usually reserved for pricier devices like premium materials, convection heating and a removable battery. With this new Flowrolls edition available at Pocket Oven's store, the additional glass mouthpiece and titanium heating chamber further bumps up the quality compared to the standard XMax V3 Pro and other budget vaporizers in the market.

You can also make the most out of your XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass aromatherapy vaporizer with the various accessories that are compatible with the XMax V3 Pro. Choose accessories like the glass bubbler, silicone water tool adapter, or glass water tool adapter to personalise your experience with this slick pen.

At this price point, it’s a great value offering if you’re looking for your first dry herb vaporizer or a no-frills every day carry. Another budget vaporizer that packs a punch is the Fenix Mini or the DynaVap battery-free devices. These also deliver superb value for your money, however if you're searching for top notch performance, we recommend you the mid-range Arizer Solo 2 or the best in quality MIghty+ from Storz & Bickel.

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