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Fenix Mini vaporizer Pocket Ovens

The Affordable, Ultra-Portable Fenix Mini Aromatherapy Vaporizer

What to do when one wants to find peace away from the hustle and bustle of life? Enter the Fenix Mini, a portable budget vaporizer that is small enough to always be there when it matters. Despite its size, this vaporizer has a lot to offer. Carve out moments of peace with the Fenix Mini. In this introductory guide, we’ll get you cooking in no time!

What is the Fenix Mini?

One look and you might mistake it for a power bank, but that’s what makes it so awesome. The Fenix ​​Mini is an affordable, ultra-portable vaporizer which uses convection heating and can be used with aromatherapy dry herbs as well as concentrates. This compact budget vaporizer is perfect for both beginners and experts due to its simplicity of usage and impressive quality at an inexpensive price.

Fenix Mini vaporizer palm size
Fits in your palm

Manufactured by South Reed Technology Co., Limited (previously known as Weecke), the Fenix Mini is the smallest in South Reed’s series of Fenix models. Being smaller than your smartphone, the small and light form factor fits very well in the hand, with a rubberised texture for easy grip. The black, smoothly curved chassis looks stylish and blends in well to any environment. 

Featured in Pocket Ovens' Top 5 Best Affordable Vaporizers, the Fenix Mini is one of the best value vaporizers you can buy in 2023. Don’t dismiss the Fenix Mini’s diminutive size though, it can produce steady, flavourful vapor that you can enjoy and comes with many features.

Fenix Mini vaporizer outdoors
Handy travelling companion

Fenix Mini: A Budget Vaporizer with Maxi Features

Full Convection Heating

The Fenix Mini uses advanced convection heating technology which heats the aromatherapy blend more evenly via hot air passing through the stainless-steel chamber. Thanks to the glass lined airway and the hundreds of holes in the air chamber, the vapor produced is consistent and tasty. For an affordable vaporizer, users have been delighted by the steady vapor output.

Fenix Mini vaporizer stainless steel oven
Fenix Mini stainless steel oven

Other than a superb airflow, the convection heating method significantly reduces pollutants while being economical as it reduces wastage of herb materials. We do need to advise that due to its compact size, there is a chance of conduction heating your herbs if the wrong technique is used and the temperature is set too high. Like any convection vaporizer, the Fenix Mini requires a rather long and slow suction to facilitate better vapor output.

Precise Temperature Control

Individuality is the essence of any vaporiser user, and with the Fenix Mini you are not missing out. With full temperature control using the + and - buttons, you can decide which degree up to 1°C precision that you would prefer to vaporize your material. The temperature ranges from 160°C to 221°C (320°F to 430°F) and is clearly displayed on the OLED screen for ease-of-use. This is extremely handy as you are able to adjust the heat not only for dry herb usage, but for extracts and oils as well.

Fenix Mini vaporizer temperature display
Temperature display with easy controls

The Fenix Mini comes with a special quartz tank insert, included in the box, that can be used for extracts and oils. We highly recommend that you start with a less-packed fill and lower temperatures to figure out the best heat setting for good tasting vapor from your desired aromatherapy herbs. If you're just starting out and want to figure out the temperature that is ideal for you, refer to Pocket Ovens' Temperature Guide.

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The Fenix Mini’s stainless-steel oven, which can hold roughly 0.1g of ground dry herbs, can heat up in 20 seconds. No more waiting around awkwardly in public places. To avoid wasteful continuous heating and for safety reasons, there is an automatic shut-off function after 4 minutes. 

But it doesn’t mean you can’t continue. You can easily do that because the Fenix Mini heats up so quickly! It features a powerful 1,600mAh LG Class A lithium battery that user reviews say generate about 40 minutes of use with a full charge. Good thing the device can easily be charged with a micro USB cable which comes together in the box, so you can just plug it into a power bank and juice it up on the move.

What’s included in the box?

  • A Fenix Mini Vaporizer
  • Extra mouthpiece gasket with screen
  • Cleaning brush
  • Tweezers and Filling Tool
  • Quartz tank insert for vaporizing concentrates and waxes
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
Fenix Mini what

Easy to Use

With only 3 easy buttons and a built in OLED display, it is a straightforward setup for any user. 5 presses on the single power button switches it on. The display showcases all the information you need to know like temperature, battery life and time left until automatic shut-off.

The Fenix Mini has an unusual temperature status light where it is backlit inside the glass vapor path of the mouthpiece, which we think is really cool to see. The light turns red or green depending on temperature status, when you see it turn green means it is time to vape!

Fenix Mini vaporizer display buttons
Three function buttons & an OLED display with temperature status backlight

An Affordable Vaporizer with Reliable Build

Being an affordable vaporizer does not mean you’re sacrificing safety or quality. The Fenix Mini is designed with a very safe, fully isolated air path, and air intake directly goes through the food grade metal path into the chamber. This means no contact with plastics or internal components that may release harmful chemicals. The mouthpiece which is glass lined is removable and easy to maintain, for cleaner and safer vaporization sessions.

2-Year Warranty

The Fenix Mini is backed with a 2-Year manufacturer warranty on the device. That's impressive for a budget vaporizer. As with all Pocket Ovens dry herb aromatherapy devices, we 100% guarantee authenticity. If you're located outside Malaysia, we offer customs clearance insurance to guarantee your order arrives to you smoothly. Get in touch with us if you have any issues and we’ll facilitate the process.

Everything you would want from a budget vaporizer

Super-affordable, sexy, and small while still being able to make dense clouds of vapor, it makes any vapor lover’s heart beat faster. Appropriate for novice and experienced vaporiser users, the compact form factor can’t be beat and is an excellent travelling companion. The convection heating ensures the Fenix Mini can still keep up with its bigger vaporiser brothers and sisters. For such an efficient device with all the great features, the price is unbeatable value for money, so go and get yours today.

Another budget vaporizer that packs a punch is the  XMAX V3 Pro Titanium Glass or the DynaVap battery-free devices. These also deliver superb value for your money, however if you're searching for top notch performance, we recommend you to check out the mid-range Arizer Solo 2 or the best in quality MIghty+ from Storz & Bickel.

Should you find yourself needing more help after reading our guides, reach out to Pocket Ovens using the chat function or email us for any assistance. We are ever ready to help. If you found this helpful or want our articles fresh out of the oven 😉, sign up for our mailing list below!

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