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How to use the Zenco? Everything you need to know about the Zenco


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The Zenco, an elegant cup style aromatherapy vaporizer that is simple to use and is made for sharing. Because sharing is caring. With a few simple steps you’ll be getting in your zone and Zenning out in no time. Check out Pocket Ovens Chief Baker’s guide below!

Before you tell all your friends to come over, it’s best to familiarise yourself with your Zenco Duo or Zenco Flow and the specific type of aromatherapy herbs you’d like to use. The Zenco Flow notches it up a level with the bubbler incorporated in the Zenco glass.

Zenco Flow  Whats In The Box Pocket Ovens

While Zenco states that their devices can be used with 510 cartridges, concentrates and herbs, we strongly suggest taking a more careful, slow vaporization approach when using dry herbs. Based on user feedback, there is a higher tendency to burn dry herbs in the coil if not used in the correct way. It is not recommended to use high heat settings and the autofill function when vaping dry herbs in the Zenco.

Zenco has announced that a better coil design for true vaporization of dry herbs is in the works, sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you up to date! Pssst… you'll also get a secret discount with your signup.

How to charge the Zenco?

Before beginning your cloud sharing experience, give your Zenco a full charge. Although it may be able to power up right out of the box, it is highly recommended to fully charge your new Zenco before first use. 

As part of the provided accessories, you will find a USB to USB-C cable. Plug that into the back of the Zenco base where the battery charge socket is, you should hear/feel a click, and connect it to your standard USB charger. Switch it on and leave it charging for 2 hours, even after the light has turned green.

Zenco Charging Port
Charge for 2 hours before use

The Zenco LED Light Indicator Guide

The easy to use, single touch button of the Zenco is surrounded by a colour-coded LED light ring to communicate two key things – battery level and temperature settings. 

What do they mean?

Battery Level

When switching on, the light blinks according to the battery level remaining: 

  • Green : 70% - 100%
  • Blue : 30% - 70%
  • Red : below 30%

Temperature Settings

Three taps on the button changes the temperature/voltage settings which are: -

  • Yellow 2.5V – Lowest temperature. Thin, very flavourful vapor (recommended for dry herbs)
  • Blue 3.0V – Medium temperature. Slightly thicker, smooth vapor
  • Green 3.5V  – Medium-high temperature. Thick vapor, less harsh
  • Red 4.0V – Highest temperature. Thick and heavy vapor
Zenco LED Lights
LED light changes colour

How to perform a vaporizer burn off?

When using brand-new aromatherapy vaporizers straight out of the box, it's important to always do an empty vaporizer burn off. It is a simple step to take that benefits your health and your new Zenco. An empty burn cleans the oven and removes any leftover manufacturing residue or dust. Follow these easy steps: -

  1. Switch on your device by rapidly tapping the button on the base 5 times. The light blinks to indicate it is switched on.

  2. Lift the magnetic top off the base and screw on your chosen accessory (quartz or ceramic coil) to the heating chamber. Make sure that you do not fill the coil with any aromatherapy  material yet. You should see the light flash once showing that you have made a connection. Hand tighten from there. Replace the magnetic top.
  3. Change the temperature settings by using 3 taps on the button. A short vibration and LED indicator light colour change lets you know what temperature setting you’re on. Cycle it to the highest temperature by repeating the 3 taps until the colour is red.
  4. Once it is red, tap twice to activate auto-fill function. Let the Zenco run until it auto-shuts off.
  5. Repeat twice. Let it cool for 5 minutes and you’re all set.
  6. Perform the burnoff on each coil before first-use.

While you’re waiting for the chamber to cool, we recommend that you wash the Zenco glass cups with water and dishwashing liquid. Or you can also pop it in the dishwasher as all Zenco glassware is dishwasher safe. 

Treat the Zenco Duo and Zenco Flow glasses like your drinkware, you wouldn’t use a newly bought cup without first giving it a good clean right? 

Zenco glassware in dishwasher
All Zenco glassware are dishwasher safe

How to use the Zenco?

Once the cups are cleaned and dried, and the burnoffs completed, you can load up the Zenco with your desired aromatherapy material. 

  1. Take one of the coils and fill it with your botanicals. The ceramic coil is for use with wax or concentrates. If you’re using dry herbs the quartz coil is recommended, jump to the next section for a more detailed guide on how to use the Zenco with dry herbs.
  1. The Zenco’s base has a magnetic top that lifts off and reveals a 510 threaded base. Remove the magnetic top and screw in one of the coils or a 510 cartridge if you’re using that instead.
Zenco base magnetic top
Remove the magnetic top to screw on your coil/cartridge
  1. Once the filled coil or cartridge is in place, replace the magnetic top, and gently press the glass down.

  2. If you’re using the Zenco Flow, fill the glass with about 3cm of water. The water would remain at the top part of the glass and filter the vapor when you inhale later.

  3. You are now ready to fill the glass with vapor. Rapidly tap the button 5 times to turn on.

  4. It is recommended to start on the lowest temperature (Yellow) and work your way up if needed. Use 3 taps to change the voltage.
Zenco Flow Water
Fill the Zenco Flow glass with water
  1. There are 2 filling modes: Manual and Autofill.

    Manual Fill : Tap and hold power button to fill glass to a desired amount.
    Autofill : Tap twice. It will run until you stop auto fill. Tap once to stop auto fill.

  2. For starters, we recommend filling vapor up to about 1/3 of the glass cup. Once glass is filled to your desired amount, gently lift the glass while holding down the base. 

    For the Zenco Duo, tip the glass and slowly inhale, like sipping a drink and enjoy the smooth hit of vapor! 

    With the Zenco Flow, the glass is filled with water. You’ll have to take a stronger inhalation to pull the vapor through the water bubbler.

    *Note: There is a hole in the side of the Zenco Flow glass, that is NOT a carb hole. It is designed to allow vapor to enter and air to exit. DO NOT plug it with your fingers when you inhale the vapor as it will cause reverse suction with the water above and leak down into the unit.

  3. You can use the same 5 tap sequence when you want to switch it off. In case you forget, fret not, the Zenco auto-offs after a while.

COOL TIPS : Elevate Your Zenco Experience!

Put your own spin on the Zenco glass chambers by adding fun stuff like ice, a lemon slice or fresh herbs like mint for an even more chilled and flavourful experience.

You can also stick a straw into your Zenco glass to sip on the vapor for a smoother hit. Use it in a shared setting with your friends for added fun and also to avoid leaving the odd lipstick mark on the cup.

How to use the Zenco with Dry Herbs?

Included in both the Zenco Duo and Zenco Flow box is a quartz coil and ceramic coil. Pocket Ovens Chief Baker recommends using the quartz coil for dry aromatherapy herbs, and to start with the lowest heat setting. 

The coils do need replacements from time to time for optimum performance. If you find that it's not producing vapor anymore, now's the best time to pick up new coils! 

 You can see the dual coils in the Quartz Coil
The dual coils is the Quartz Coil
The screen like coil is the ceramic one
The screen like coil is the Ceramic Coil

You’re still going to get a bit of burning on those parts touching the coils. With the right steps you can limit it and get closer to vaporization, here’s how:- 

  1. Grind up your aromatherapy dry herbs, Zenco recommends using a fine grind (almost like an espresso grind).

  2. Load your dry herb into the coil. Less is more, and only fill about half to three quarters of the way. Very lightly tamp it down, being careful not to overdo it, so we recommend using your pinky finger to be able to feel it out. Over packing it will increase the risk of burning your material.

  3. Screw the coil into the base of the Zenco vaporizer, hand tightening to make sure it is screwed all the way in so that it can heat up properly. Ensure that you do not over tighten it or it may get stuck.

  4. Replace the magnetic top, and gently press the Zenco glass down in place.

  5. Tap the button 5 times to switch on your Zenco. Then tap 3 times to cycle through the temperature settings and set the temperature to the lowest setting (Yellow).

  6. Touch and hold the button to manually fill the glass, and release the button once the vapor fills the glass 1/3 full. Visually you could check when to stop filling when it reaches the top of the black silicone diffuser in the glass.

    *Note: Overfilling the glass is more likely to burn the herbs, and not only is that a major wastage, it would also make the coil harder to clean. We do not recommend using the autofill function for the same reasons. A controlled filling is key!

  7. Alternatively, you can use a timed method for filling. Touch and hold the button to manually fill for 2 seconds, stop and wait for 2 seconds, and repeat the steps until the vapor fills to your desired level. Short filling times and waiting in between heat-ups makes sure the oven does not get too hot.

  8. When ready, gently lift up the Zenco glass while holding down the base.

  9. Now is the moment you’ve been waiting for, inhale your cupful of milky white vapor!

    *Note: If you’re using the Zenco Flow glass, the inhalation will be more of a rip than a sip. DO NOT plug the hole with your fingers when you inhale the vapor as it will cause reverse suction with the water above and leak down into the unit.

  10. Take off the magnetic cover to check the coil between hits to check for signs of your dry herb burning.

  11. You can use the same 5 tap sequence to switch off your Zenco aromatherapy vaporizer. In case you forget, fret not, the Zenco auto-offs after a while.

The more you use it the more you will learn to adjust the amount of herbs, temperature, and heat up durations. All aromatherapy herbs and blends have different characteristics like density and moisture, so try the heat settings starting with the lowest heat first, and work your way up. Zenco recommends using dry aromatherapy herbs that are more on the 62% humidity side. Find out what works best for you and the type of aromatherapy herbs you are using. 

The Zenco : Normalize Shared Vaping Experience With Friends 

We hope you have an enjoyable time with your Zenco aromatherapy vaporizer. It's a fairly new product in the market so we're still discovering new tips & tricks with this one. Do you have any to share with a fellow Zenco user?

Share it over - we'd love to hear from you!

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